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  1. Burger23
    Posted 4 years ago #

    I am trying to figure out what is happening to bouncebacks- email that has a bad email address. I contacted GoDaddy, but they claim,of course, that it is not their issue. I am not clear who is actually sending the emails. GoDaddy said to check the code in Subscribe2 to see how boucebacks are handled.

    I know that I have a few bad email addresses- but nothing ever bounces back. People with email addresses that I know are good report that they are getting the email notofication. Can anyone help me solve this issue


  2. mattyrob
    Posted 4 years ago #


    Subscribe2 does not handle bounced emails - it does not require a mailbox setting to work in the first place.

    You can look at the 'sender' details used by Subscribe2 by looking in Subscribe2->Settings and seeing what is selected under the "Send Email From:" drop down.

    If that looks like one of your user account it will be using the email address linked to that account in the profile and bounces should go back to that address.

    I say should but hosting servers can sometimes re-write the headers and the bounce back goes to a completely different address.

  3. Burger23
    Posted 4 years ago #

    Thanks so much for responding.
    I must admit that I am not at all clear who is sending my Blog email notifications. The domain, gradyimages.com, is registered with GoDaddy.com. I would think that they would send. But, after talking with them, they claim there is no outgoing emails from them. I live in Seattle, and use Comcast.net. But I doubt if they send emails since they enails are web-based. That leaves WordPress.com or WordPress.org. Frankly, first, I do not undersatnd the differnce between them- and secondly, how, or if, they fit into the email situation.

    Thanks for trying to help me understand this!

    NOTE: The "Send Email From:" is GradyImages - Photography, Not sure who this is associsted with

  4. mattyrob
    Posted 4 years ago #


    If "GradyImages - Photography" is the name of your blog then the email address is fictional but on-domain. For Godaddy it works so much better of the email address used really exists.

    If "GradyImages - Photography" is the user name of one of your user accounts though (See the Users-> All Users page) then Subscribe2 will be using the email address linked to that user account.

    Lastly, the GoDaddy server IS sending your email despite what their pretty useless tech people are saying - unless of course you have insatlled and configured another mailing plugin to send your emails via an authenitcated server - but then if you'd done that you would remember having done it, and not be asking for help on here!

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