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  • Hi,
    I’ve setup the auto subscribe option, but new users who register to WP are not auto subscribed.
    Here are my settings:

    Subscribe new users registering with your blog:

    Auto-subscribe includes any excluded categories:
    Yes No

    Registration Form option is checked by default:

    Auto-subscribe users to receive email as:
    Plain Text – Full

    Registered Users have the option to auto-subscribe to new categories:
    New categories are immediately excluded

    Option for Registered Users to auto-subscribe to new categories is checked by default:

    Display checkbox to allow subscriptions from the comment form:

    Is there anything else I need to do? Is something wrong?

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  • @drizzt99,

    Is this thread related to your issue?

    Yea, I tried, and I’ve added the line, but it doesn’t help.

    Is there a way to sync between current members and the plugin?
    I don’t mind doing this anytime I create a post… (twice or thrice per week).


    Strange as the fix has been tested by others and they have reported it works. Try the development version and see if that helps.

    Note that my problem is different from the one mentioned in the thread you shared above. If I enter a user to edit his details and save, it does not help as it helped Gengar003.
    Right now, I have around 10,000 members who are not subscribed.
    Is there a way for me to sync these users?

    Regarding the problem – when I click on a user to edit, it shows as if no option has been chosen for this user (no check box is filled).
    When I do this manually for a user, then it is ok.

    Oh, and this happens both with the dev and the regular versions.


    I’m a little lost now then by your description of your problem.

    You initially seemed to be saying that newly registering Subscribers are not being added but no you seem to be talking about 10,000 existing members.

    When the code upgrades the preferences of existing members will not be changed – if that happened every time your uses would get quite annoyed every time you updated the code.

    If you want to bulk change these users go to Subscribe2->Subscribers, filer on your Registered Users or Subscribers and then update their settings using the Bulk Manage section at the bottom of the page. Does that help?

    If not please can you clearly describe your problem for me again so I can try to understand it better.

    This is one of the problems…
    I’ll try to put this in simple points, although giving you access would be much simpler:
    1) I’ve setup the auto-subscribe as mentioned above.
    2) Users register to my site, so they are registered to wordpress (login, browse members only areas etc.).
    3) Even though, they are not entered into the auto-subscribe list.
    4) I can see them in the “subscribers” list but:
    4.1) The checkboxes below the (approve/dissprove/delete) images are non existent for them.
    4.2) They are considered “registered users” but not “registered subscribers”.
    5) When I post something, only those I edited manually (via backend) get the email (because they are now in the list), but auto subscribe isn’t working.


    Okay, a few small things to check or clarify from your list:

    1) In the settings listed above it says “Auto-subscribe includes any excluded categories: Yes No”

    Can you confirm is the setting “Yes” or is it “No”.

    4.1) Those check boxes are only for Public Subscribers. They allow subscriptions to be confirmed or unconfirmed and email addresses to be deleted from the Subscribe2 database. People who register are actually registering with WordPress so their details are stored elsewhere.

    4.2) Can you check that you have not excluded all categories in Subscribe2->Settings. Also can you confirm the version number of WordPress that you are using and I’ll see if I can replicate your issue on my test install.

    1) Auto-subscribe includes any excluded categories: No (there is one category that is not excluded).

    4.1) Ok. That means I can’t do “bulk changes” for them, correct?

    4.2) I have the latest WP version (3.3.1). I mentioned to (1) that there is 1 category that’s not excluded.



    Public subscribers get notifications for all non-excluded categories. Registered Users can choose which categories they get emails for, it’s an incentive to register. You can make a bulk change to Registered Users but for Public Subscribers it’s not relevant.

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