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  • @abid,

    There is nothing I can code that would circumvent server restrictions. You need to raise this issue with your hosting provider and ask them to relax the limits on your account. If this cannot be done then you either need to stop using Subscribe2 or move your site to another hosting provider.

    Thanks for reply.

    Actually I want to know difference between setting limit no of recipient per email to 1 and 0 (unlimited)


    The difference between those settings is that if you use 1 then individual emails are sent to each of your subscribers directly. If you use 0 the a single email is sent back to yourself with all of the recipients emails in the email BCC header.

    If you used 4 then there would be 4 emails sent to you each with 4 recipients in the BCC header.

    If I set to 0, It’ll sent only mail sent to me only. Then how the subscribers will get emails for notification of posts?


    That’s not what I said. “If you use 0 the a single email is sent back to yourself with all of the recipients emails in the email BCC header.”

    If you don’t know what a BCC header is use google or have a read here.

    Thank you very much. I understand about BCC header. Please tell me, If I do like this, will it be again mass mail sending from my webhost?


    That settings really makes no difference if you host is counting emails. All 16 emails are still sent at the same time and this is clearly breaching one of your hosts server restrictions.

    If you discuss with them about your sign up and privacy policy (sometimes they want to see your privacy policy and for you to have a link to the unsubscription page in every email etc.) they may raise your limit.

    You may also need to consider a mail queuing plugin to throttle the email sending – Subscribe2 does not do this though.

    Hello Mattyrob,

    Thanks for guidance, Can you please guide me that is there any way to check the log of subscribe2 mails that how much emails had been sent last time something like this?


    There are mail logger plugins for WordPress like Mail Log and WP Mail Log.

    These will tell you only what WordPress tried to send, they may get refused on the server on fail to deliver further down the server chain though.

    OK thank you very mattyrob for your time.


    PLease tell me one last thing, There is an option in subscribe2 settings Send email from:, please tell me that if I select here a user with a gmail email address, then in this case, will the subscribe2 use my webshost server mail resources or gmail?


    The sender details are based on the selection made in the Settings page where it says “Send Email From:” and there is a drop down. If you select your blog name there the email in Settings->General will be used. If you select a user name then the email address in that users profile is used.

    All emails are sent via your webshost server mail as it’s simply not possible for the plugin to know the mail server details for every provider and hosting account. You can force your emails through other provider with plugins like WP Mail SMTP.

    OK thanks a lot for the assistance provided.

Viewing 13 replies - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)
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