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[Resolved] [Plugin: Subscribe To Comments Reloaded] Subscriptions from spammers

  • Camu,

    Thanks again for your help in the other thread. But now I’m having issues with how this plugin treats spammers.

    When I’m in the admin page and click “list all the subscriptions”, I get a listing of 570 subscriptions. Mark Jaquith’s plugin, which I’ve been using for years, lists only 30. Most of the 570 subscriptions appear associated with spam, even after I’ve emptied my spam filter. How do I stop spammers from subscribing, or their subscriptions from being listed alongside legitimate ones? Or how do I delete spammers’ subscriptions when their spam has already been deleted?

    If I go to the management page for a specific post that shows subscriptions and then click on the email address for that spammer, I get a page showing all my own subscriptions. Is this typical behavior?


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  • Plugin Contributor Jason Crouse



    does those comments get through Akismet’s filters and appear on your blog as approved at first? Because StCR only accepts subscriptions of comments that are not marked as spam by Akismet. In other words, do you mark them as SPAM manually? In this case I’m working on adding this feature. In the meanwhile, you can manually delete all those subscriptions manually via the management page.


    PS: a vote for my plugin would be really appreciated.


    You’re right that I do have to manually remove a few spam each month, but I don’t see an overlap between those spammers and those I see as subscribed to my posts.

    The manual management page appears to list only 25 subscribers at a time. Is there a way to delete more than that at once? Also, is it supposed to list me as the blog author as subscribed to each post I published?


    Plugin Contributor Jason Crouse



    so in other words you’re seeing email subscriptions from user who haven’t even left a comment on your site? In this case you may want to enable double opt-in confirmations in order to discourage these people from doing this.

    As for the ‘delete more at once’ you can filter emails, and in the enxt version you’ll be able to use even more detailed filters to get all and only the subscriptions you want.

    About your own subscriptions, have you left any comments on those articles?


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