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  • Plugin Contributor Jason Crouse


    That depends on your hosting provider, it’s something that needs to be addressed case by case. Please ask them if they offer such a flexible access to their mailserver.


    what do you mean ? … what should thay support ? what feature ?

    your plugin generates an email version of the post … which is sent to user … now my question if the user can just simply do > reply and write reply in a special place of the post fe. between > @@text@@

    posting by email is possible in wordpress (you can make post with email)



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    WordPress isn’t a mail server.

    what are you talking about ??????
    1. I want have a blog where I can go and read comments dealing to thema
    2. I am not always on the blog … so I someone replys to my post and I am notified about it VIA EMAIL WHY CANT I WITH THE SAME EMAIL ANSWER ?

    advantage my post will by added to my blog and other people can react

    how do you want to do in an open comunity with mail server ?????

    you need all comennts togeather and ??? what is the purpouse of the blog ??

    radin through comments you can get a picture and answering to it with email will increase flexibility

    and I am no talking about icq 😀 .. comments like hi you are so cute… thx you too …xixi thx

    but comments to a post dealing 5000words … commented with 500 words and do it commfortably in your account … and simple post it not as a separate post but as a comment

    I cant imagine like going through 10 posts reading one article

    Plugin Contributor Jason Crouse


    I really don’t like your attitude. Anyway, there’s a plugin already doing what you’re looking for


    ??? have I missed sthing ?? attitude written inside was against esmi …

    because I think tat be able to reciev posts / comments on email and be able to answer to them via reply is awesome feature

    but if you dont like it nevermind finally its your decision.
    but thx anyway for doing the plugin and also prowiding a link 🙂

    Plugin Contributor Jason Crouse


    As I said, there’s another plugin out there that already does that. Please check it out. Also, you may want to take a look at this discussion

    Last but not least, if you could write in proper English, it would be greatly appreciated.


    Camu 😉 you are so sveet 😉

    Ak ty budes vediet pisat spisovne slovensky tak potom ja budem pisat spisovne anglicky

    Ale to nevadi 😉 asi si myslis ze vsetci sme sa narodili s anglictinou.

    😉 just a small answer to your last but not least 😉

    Plugin Contributor Jason Crouse


    No, slovenský nie je môj primárny jazyk, ale ako môžete vidieť, Google Translate pomoc:)


    I am so happy that you used that option 😉 and I have to inform you that despite the great ability of the GTranslate 🙂 it only translates fazes to the sentence was not grammatically corrent 😉

    😀 ok I got your point … its grammatically correct but not from stylistic point of view but ok 😉 you were right

    > No, Slovenský jazyk nie je mojim primárnym, ale ako môžeš vidieť Google translate vie pomôcť.

    but I still dont get your point …. I was on your side against esmi describing the need of feature like you have provided.


    Plugin Contributor Jason Crouse


    Okay, back to the topic, I’ve been researching on this possibility, and it seems to me that it’s not totally impossible to implement this feature. But, again, your provider MUST allow PHP to use imap/pop3 to connect to your mail server. Stay tuned.


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