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[Resolved] [Plugin: Subscribe To Comments Reloaded] multisite features

  • I’d like to rol this out on a multisite installation but I am unsure where control lies….

    what can the superadmin set up and what can the site admins change?

    it would be nice if the site admins can only change stuff that is relevant to their blog and subscribers to their blog, while giving the superadmin access to everything…

    can you elaborate a bit how the plugin currently works with multisite installations?


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  • Plugin Contributor Jason Crouse


    Hi there,

    my plugin doesn’t currently have any support for super admins. Each administrator will manage his/her own subscriptions separately. This may change in the future, I was planning to release a separate plugin to “network-admin” all the options. But it will take a while.


    ok, I am testing it out right now.
    is there a chance I can slightly modify the plugin so that this option:

    Enable double check

    I’d like to autoactivate the plugin on a multisite installation and some countries do have a legal requirement for a double opt-in…

    On a second thought, how about allowing your plugin to check for a file or a setting in wp-config.php? i.e. if some_key_defined in wp-config.php then load the setting from there? This would allow to have some global options…
    Now I see two options: allowing the siteadmin to set these and not allow admins to unset them or at least allow the siteadmin to set some defaults that the users can change later…

    anything like that seems feasible?

    and how about this feature:

    the link: subscribe without commenting could check if the user is logged in and automatically use his email address – as opposed to users who are not logged in and have to manually enter their email?

    oh, I see some mails got blocked via amavis:

    May 4 17:23:38 h1870666 amavis[18389]: (18389-02-26) Passed BAD-HEADER, <web1@h1870666.stratoserver.net> -> <target_email>, quarantine: Z/badh-Z8lORwgNdfwG, Message-ID: <231574f3564885f2e54e1d76eac769ec@zice.ro>, mail_id: Z8lORwgNdfwG, Hits: 1.273, size: 1009, queued_as: B562142434C, 499 ms

    need to check with amavis what exactly happened to this email…

    are you not using the wordpress mail functions? just wondering as I use this plugin: http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/email-log/ to log all emails sent through wordpress and it doesn’t log the mails sent from your plugin.

    mails came through after all.

    the confirmation link I need to click to confirm my subscription is this: http://adi.zice.ro/comment-subscriptions/?sre=ovizii%40zice.ro&srk=55d35599f7b082fe1267a34f61aba3a9&srp=52&sra=c

    I open it and nothing happens. Am I not supposed to be subscribed if I click that confirmation link?

    Plugin Contributor Jason Crouse


    When I click on that link, I see the message that I’m supposed to see:

    Thank you for using our subscription service. Your request has been completed. You will receive a notification email every time a new comment to this article is approved and posted by the administrator.

    weird, this is what I see: http://screencast.com/t/NC4XadNhccA might be some caching involved but I am logged in so that should not happen…

    and before, when I posted it here, it was showing: C for awaiting confirmation… anyway, ignore this.

    maybe have a look at my other comments further up…

    Plugin Contributor Jason Crouse


    Well, if you’re logged in as an ADMIN, the system recognizes you and shows you the ADMIN screen 🙂

    lol, ok, that explains a few things 😉
    I’ll get another account for testing purposes…

    Plugin Contributor Jason Crouse


    I know, sometimes people are confused when testing this feature 🙂

    hm, tried again on another browser where I am not logged in and I don’t see any confirmation, every time I land in my subscription management page. would you mind trying it? just use http://adi.zice.ro as test…

    oh and the title of my HTML mail looks like: Manage your subscriptions on adi's test blog

    that was supposed to be adi’s blog its converting ‘ into '

    did you find the time to read through the ideas noted in my previous posts? (see above?)

    Plugin Contributor Jason Crouse


    No, I am sorry but I’ve been busy with my other plugin lately.


    ok, here are two more questions: what do the numbers mean behind subscriptions? http://screencast.com/t/LfbbXz8mNl

    and how can one change the used template? it would be a lot mroe comfortable if one could use a “real” page to manage subscriptions… i.e. see here: http://screencast.com/t/ppNFP1vLE

    Plugin Contributor Jason Crouse


    Hi Ovidiu,

    the number shown next to the title is the post ID, so that you can update all the subscriptions associated to that article using its PID (post ID).

    As for the real page, just follow these instructions



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