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  • perhaps it just hasn’t needed any development. It works perfectly to date…. I’ve always used it…..

    I have discovered a few bugs in this plugin and other plugings that are basically a renamed copy and paste of this plugin.

    Also there are new language files that could have been added with an update.

    The plugin author is busy being one of the core developers of WordPress. 😉 I doubt Mark would mind if you pinged him with a patch though.

    I agree with RVoodoo, I’m using this plugin in wordpress 3.0 and it works like a charm!

    Since it hasn’t been updated in such a long time, it uses some functions that are now deprecated. You can see all kinds of notices when you turn on WP_DEBUG. So yes, an update or a maintained alternative would be nice.

    yeah bump that, i am going to start using it, but hopefully the interest will mean someone will take over this plugin!



    No, this plugin does not completely work. I too am looking for an alternative. The Admin’s ability to unsubscribe someone does not work. It is REALLY a pain when I have to ban someone, and then I get the complaints from him that he is still getting all the subscription notices. I go in to unsubscribe him and it does not do it. I end up having to go into phpmyadmin and do it by hand. Since there is a flag in every comment the person has made, to a post to which he’s subscribed, it can be a royal pain in the ass if there are hundreds of comments.

    This would be a simple thing for the developer to fix, and it’s ben broken forever. Thus, the developer has given up on the plugin.

    So, what are the alternatives?

    If any SQL expert out there has the SQL query that would remove all the ‘Y’s in the comments for a particular user (I guess their email address since they might not be registered), I could at least use that.



    Hooray! I’ve discovered Gurken’s plugin that is identical to this, but fixes all the frustrating bugs. Its documentation is in German, so it’s a little scary to install since you can’t understand it. Fortunately, someone wrote a great post about it here:

    1. Install the new Gurken plugin
    2. deactivate the original Subscribe to Comments pluging
    3. activate the Gurken plugin

    wrong order will give error.

    Everything now works as it should, and old subscriptions are still there.

    If you’re interested in alternatives, I’ve rewritten the code from scratch and I’m currently working in adding new features:

    Check it out!

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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