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  • I like this plugin alot, but it generates non-compliant code because of ampersands in the URIs. I replaced those with & but when viewed in the browser, the My MSN link reverts back to the ampersand in the URI; the other links retain my & substitution.

    Why is just the My MSN link problematic?

    <a href=";ut=<?php echo $feed_url; ?>&amp;ru=<?php echo $blog_url; ?>" class="subscribe"><img src="<?php echo $img_dir . "addmymsn.gif"; ?>" alt="MyMSN" /></a>

    JF 😉

    as far as I know, ampersands are valid in urls… and quite frankly: who cares if your page validates or not? 🙂

    Thanks, I was looking for one of these! Hope it works…

    I’ve uploaded a minor upgrade. It now automatically removes the borders from the image links, and adds a text caption to the XML button.

    Hi –

    I cannot seem to get button images to show. I uploaded all contents (including image files) to plug-in directory. Was this incorrect?

    The url is

    Thanks for any help. I’m new to WP so sorry if the question is overly basic

    Please disregard my earlier post. I’ve found problem.

    My site is hosted with Dreamhost. When I use this plugin with the Semiologic CMS, I see this error message twice on my blog:

    This plugin requires php’s built-in XSLT parser. Contact your host about the problem, or download and manually install the obsolete plugin.

    I’m uncertain which file or files I need to install when I follow the link. Conversely, I’m not sure why I need my host to do so I can use the current version.


    Are there any plans to add Google support to the plug-in?

    @rwj850t: you sure you don’t mean one of the recent posts, updates or comments plugins? if so, try downloading the latest, it includes some code to will normally make it php5 compatible.

    @jester: to which plugin?

    Nope, I mean the subscribe me plug-in. See:

    Bob Jordan

    aye, those two are the recent plugins. try disabling fuzzy recent posts, fuzzy recent updates and fuzzy recent comments.

    sorry, to subsribe me

    er, can you be more specific? i wasn’t aware google had anything like bloglines.

    yup, it’s similar to my yahoo i think. is a personalized homepage that can display headlines from any rss feed.

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 51 total)
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