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  1. immihenne
    Posted 3 years ago #

    Can anyone help. This plugin seems to be the exact thing I need. I am working with the twenty elven theme and with a Multi Site Installation (Network of WP blogs). But once installed and activated for one of the blogs the save button on the Styles page keeps saving but really doesn't save anything and when I refresh any changes done to the various styles are lost.

    Anyone can help please?


  2. Paul Clark
    Plugin Author

    Posted 3 years ago #

    I've spent this week rewriting much of the data structure and just sent it off to my partner for general QA. You can download the beta here: http://dl.brain.st/u/20624698/styles-0.5.0-beta.zip

    The rewrite alone might solve the problem. So first thing, if you download and install that version of the plugin, does the issue still occur?

    If yes, can you answer these questions?

    • If you log in, open Appearance > Styles and your home page in two windows, does the appearance of your site change as you change settings? (Like in the demo video)
    • When you click the save button, does the spinner just keep spinning, or does it say it saved?
    • If spinning: Is there anything in your browser's error console? In Firefox, this is under Tools > Web Developer > Web Console. In Chrome, it's View > Developer > Javascript Console. Does using a different browser solve the problem?
    • If saved: What is the contents of the file it saved to? It should go to wp-content/uploads/styles/cache.css in 0.5.0-beta, but the message says the exact path. If it's a multi-site sub-blog, it'd be cache-$blogid.css
    • If the file isn't in uploads, check wp-content/blogs.dir/$blogid/files/styles. Does it appear there?
    • If the save message says it couldn't write to the file and instead wrote to the database, do you see the CSS being output in your home page source using View Source? You can find it quickly by searching for storm-styles-css
    • What output do you get if you go to http://YOURSITE.com/?scaffold and http://YOURSITE.com/?scaffold&preview ? Replace YOURSITE.com with your actual URL.

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