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  • I have this plugin (v2.7.8) installed on my WP 3.8.1

    I saw that when this plugin is activated, if I have the following text in a post


    the plugin will strip the backslash (from the content itself) so that the LaTEX plugin (or any other plugin that needs the original text not alterated) has no chance to use that backslash, because the content is already stripped of that char.

    It seems that it does this on post pages only (ie. is_single()==true). I know that because it seems that when I load the wp home page, the content is just fine, but when I load a single page, the plugin’s filters come in action and mess up the content (in the way I’ve explained already).

    How to reproduce:
    – deactivate all plugins, including this one
    – add a post with the latex code above (doesn’t matter if you don’t have the LaTEX, we only want to test the “strip-bug”)
    – view the page: you should see exactly that text, i.e.
    – activate this plugin, view the page again: you should see the above code without the backslash, ie.

    Can you confirm this problem, please?

    PS: just for the record, the LaTEX plugin I’m using is All the above tests were performed without it! But what is important is that this LaTEX plugin was the one which was directly affected and which rang the bell.

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