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    All you need to do is set your accounts up properly and it should work.

    When you add an account you put your @accountname in, and tick the active box and save it.

    It will then come back and say you need to verify the account with Twitter using OAuth and show a Pin Code box. If you click the link it will take you to Twitter and give you a number like 04521 which you then must put in the Pin Code box and re-save the account.

    Once verified you just need to make sure you have set up a tweet format for your tweets e.g

    chk out %title% %url% %hashtags%

    and set any content analysis to only tweet if certain words are in your tweets – or leave blank to always tweet and set up banned tags (tags to never use as hashtags) plus the type of hashtag you want to use – tags, categories or default hashtags. As long as the account is set as active and you have linked it to your Twitter account with the PIN number then whenever you post a tweet it should post okay.

    If the test function is showing everything set up okay then the only thing I can think of is that maybe you are posting too many tweets to the twitter accounts each hour/day and breaking their limit or they have banned you for some reason.

    You can only post so many tweets an hour/day so if you have other auto tweetbots or posting too many articles then you might be breaking the threshold.

    Also if you check the Tweetbot admin page after a post has been saved the Twitter Messages box will hold details of the last Tweets it tried to send to Twitter and any response Twitter gave back. If it couldn’t post to Twitter for some reason this is where you should see the error Twitter gave or the reason why the post wasn’t Tweeted.

    Try a test post and then check that panel immediately after the post has saved and tell me what it says. If it posted okay it should say something like

    2012-Jan-21 00:53:25 – Tweet > [New article on blah: Official in botched ‘Fast & Furious’ gun program refuses 2 testify #politics #news] was posted successfully to someaccount.

    If you get an error (say a duplicate post) you would get something like

    2012-Jan-21 02:47:25 – An Error occurred posting the tweet [New article on blah: Official in botched ‘Fast & Furious’ gun program refuses 2 testify #politics #news] to someaccount. Status is a duplicate.

    Any other error from Twitter would appear here as well.

    No cron job is required to make this work but you will need HTTP transport which allows you to make remote requests e.g FOPEN, CURL etc and a bitly API key to shorten the URL links (if you want to) which you get from their site when you sign up.

    But all errors will appear in that panel so check that after you write your next post and make sure all accounts are active and have been linked to your Twitter account by entering the PIN numbers.

Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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