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    I am no longer supporting the Strictly Sitemap Plugin.

    This is for a number of reasons listed below.

    a) no-one donated me any money towards development to keep my work free so there is no incentive for me to carry on working on it.

    b) it works for me and that is the only reason I wrote it. I put it up on this repository to see if anyone wanted to make use of it, change the code and do what they wanted with it. I did not expect all the support requests from people who expect support but who are unwilling to pay eve the smallest donation for my help

    c) if people want specific features or changes to the code then I do believe WordPress is Open Source so they can either change the code as much as they like OR pay me for doing the work. This is the reason I wrote the plugin as other Sitemap plugins didn’t do what I wanted them to do. Therefore others should do the same and use my code as a base.

    d) I wrote this plugin for single site, common setup WordPress systems. It was not developed for multi sites or uncommon folder structures. People with problems should follow the FAQ before even considering contacting any developer about a bug.

    e) I have just found out I have Cancer so its not really high on my list of priorities.


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  • I understand you.

    Hope you get well soon 🙂

    Sorry to hear all that…. Wish you well.

    First, hope the Cancer thing is subsiding. Have several friends who have managed to successfully cope with the situation for many years, and one who totally beat the deal.

    Second, can well appreciate your anxiety due to lack of income from your efforts. For what it’s worth, for 40 years I paid the rent via selling HVAC installations. On a good year, I closed 10% of the projects I quoted… that’s the way it was, but the effort I donated in years 1 thru 10 paid off in latter years in the form of expanded opportunities.

    Last, my present activity is focused on creating income from online activity. Without your contributions and those of others, this would not be possible. The ebook features more than 20 plugins one of which is your sitemap plugin. Yours was selected after others failed to function. It seems like industry “progress” results in limited usefulness to most plugins. I believe in share the wealth, and if there is wealth to share, you will be remembered.

    Thanks for a great plugin, and will hope that your situation improves.

    Keep the faith!

    Vern Vetter

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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