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  • I am seeing the same problem. The embed codes don’t work on other WP sites. The code generates an error that reads:

    “You need to install or upgrade Flash Player to view this content, install or upgrade by clicking here.”

    C’mon Rodrigo, what’s going on here?

    If you post your shortcode is it is more easy to help.

    I simply can’t get it to work and it seems to be an abandoned plug in now. I can’t find any other similar plug in that will allow me to show iPhone mp4 videos that are hosted on my server. All I find are things like cincopa where you host on there service. I need a plug in, like this, where I can show the videos I have on my server. When I click the Stream Video button now I just get this
    “Fatal error: Call to undefined function selfHost() in /home/content/13/7177513/html/blog/wp-content/plugins/stream-video-player/config.php on line 38”

    This is with 1.3.0 or 1.3.1

    I have the plugin up and running with WP 3.1.2 and plugin version 1.3.1. I´m hosting a m4v-file on the server and it works in all tested browsers and iPhone. I tested with many…. settings before i got it right. Here is the shortcode i use.
    [stream provider=video flv= mp4= img= embed=false share=false width=640 height=360 dock=true controlbar=over bandwidth=high autostart=false /]

    I´m running the version downloaded from here:

    But… The plugin disables the tinyMCE toolbar(buttons) in post/pages in WP ver 3.1.2.

    @neiluk02 Try to not use the Stream Video Button but paste the shortcode in HTML mode instead.


    I’ll give it a go


    I tag you an official genius, not only did using the shortcode only work. It seems to have miraculously rescued the whole plug in. The short cut button now works fine after I used the short code, previewed and played the file. Very strange

    Just a couple of problems, I am getting the message about upgrading or installing an up to date flash player from adobe but I am fully up to date. I think an option exists to get rid of this message but can’t find it.

    Also when using Stream Video Player there seems to be a big gap before the post starts. All in all though it’s working and I thank you

    @neiluk02 can you provide a link to the site?


    I can give the link but it’s a modelling based site and blog so does contain topless photos etc so probably best not to post the link publically but not sure if we can send PM’s on here.

    The first post is an iPhone type video and while it works the formatting does seem odd that the post appears after a large gap. Only happens with a Stream Video post. If we can’t PM on here and you want the link I am celebritesrus on Twitter

    Worked out the formatting problem, it’s the right hand side bar conflicting with the main posts. I have looked for a way of getting rid of the right hand sidebar but no luck.

    @ t.sjogren,

    I have no similar luck. I installed a vanilla wordpress site and attempted to install the Standalone version (knowing that i will AND DID lose access to the tinyMCE bar… Even manually inputting the code, it would not play the video.. all i got was a giant black box.

    as soon as I install the plugin from wordpress it would work HOWEVER psuedo streaming gives me errors saying the file doesn’t exists. Now if I change it from psuedo to video streaming.. it plays fine however skipping through only works if the video is loaded.

    obtw, all of my files are in mp4 h.264 format. (oddly enough if i view the video on my ipad or iphone, i CAN skip without loading)

    if someone is super smart, hook me up with a why.

    @dcarrio What versions are you running?
    I am running WP 3.2.1 and Stream Video Player plugin ver 1.3.2. That combination gives me tinyMCE bar.
    I don’t use psuedo streaming because after my “research” i have to encode the video with that functionality. I record with iPhone and encode with iMovie 09. iMovie 09 don´t give me that option.
    I have written a blog post about this solution here:
    The post is in swedish but maybe you can check it out anyway. Maybe paste in Google Translate!
    Report back!


    Thanks for the short code, it saved me after a day of struggle. It worked with WP 3.3 and SVP 1.3.2

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