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  • Hey, great plugin but I’m having a problem with it.

    Wherever I have an apostrophe in my quote, it automatically adds a backslash.

    For example if one of my quotes includes “It’s my goal” – the manager prints “It\’s my goal”.

    What can I do to prevent this from happening.


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  • Hi, I’ve just noticed the same thing on a live site of mine.

    I’ve been using Stray Random Quotes for a while and somehow managed to only include quotes without any apostrophes…. up until now.
    Recently added a bunch of new quotes and this is happening all over.

    Anyone have any ideas for fix?

    Many thanks

    Hiya – a quick fix,which I think will validate, is to use & # 39; (without any spaces) instead of using a apostrophe.

    I edited “stray-quotes/inc/stray_manage.php”

    //magic quotes
    //if ( ini_get(‘magic_quotes_gpc’) ) {

    $quote = stripslashes($quote);
    $author = stripslashes($author);
    $source = stripslashes($source);
    $category = stripslashes($category);
    $visible = stripslashes($visible);

    My magic quotes were off, yet backslashes were creeping in somewhere.
    So I commented out the conditional of the if block to strip them off regardless.

    It works as expected for me now.

    Note: this is a workaround, not a bugfix.

    Oops. Apply the commenting workaround to this file as well.

    My previous post fixed editing. This fixes adding.

    And on this blog post you can find the complete packaged solution to this problem (causes of which are described in another article).

    The package also includes a really handy extra — simple search functionality (allows you to search on quote body by a single keyword or phrase).

    Yeah, this bug needs to be fixed!!!

    Not2Bug’s workaround works!

    Also, to get rid of slashes appearing in the widget title, add the following right before line 122 of stray-quotes/inc/stray_widgets.php:

    $posted[‘title’] = stripslashes($posted[‘title’]);



    Great fix not2bug.

    Just a quick note in case it gives anyone else a 1/2-second pause when they implement this and it doesn’t work — you’ll have to to resave your quotes.

    thanks for that fix. but i might go back to ‘quotes collection’ unless some generous developer wants to maintain this great plugin.

    It appears the plugin has been fixed [resolved]

    Just posting to confirm that not2bug’s workaround worked for me. THANKS!

    If you have the latest version this bug should already be fixed…

    I’m using the current version (1.9.9) and still had this problem.

    Thanks, Zeyalabs, for the fix. Works great! No slashes, and like the new features. So far, so good!

Viewing 14 replies - 1 through 14 (of 14 total)
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