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[Plugin: Storify] Custom CSS / Override

  • Great plugin! I’ve got an issue: I’m trying to override the storify styles so embedding a storify looks better on a non-white background.

    I’ve tried the following code in my main stylesheet but it doesn’t seem to override the iframe css. Any ideas for how to get around this? Thanks!

    .sfy-story {
        background: solid repeat scroll 0 0 #ceebfb !important;
    .s-story {
        background: solid repeat scroll 0 0 #ceebfb !important;
    .s-element {
        background: solid repeat scroll 0 0 #ceebfb !important;


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  • Seems as though it’s an issue of styling the content of an IFRAME

    Would the plugin developers consider other embedding schemes that would give us local control of the styling? That would be great!

    Actually I have a plea for help here. My story is pretty long – which is fine. But when it appears on my “posts” page – the storify overhwelms the page and users can’t see all the other summary posts. … and I CANNOT break it up by adding the ‘more’ tag (since the storify is really a big fat script pasted in the blog post).

    Is there a way to do this (truncate the post with a ‘more’ tag) without much coding grief?


    Any thoughts from Storify developers on changing/overriding styles? Without this, implementing the plugin will be a non-starter for many. Please advise, thanks!

    Anyone can I get the solutions for the css override in iframe ?
    Let’s response me if you have any idea.


Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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