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    The update on 3/1 is not compatible with Chrome. No support offered from the developer. Also, should you have trouble with the address submission form appearing in Firefox, the culprit is the padding on line 85 of the style sheet. Try setting it to 70px.

    No thanks for the help, guys. Granted, it was only $10, but if you’re going to charge anything, you should back it up with some communication. Otherwise, keep it free and we’ll have less to complain about.

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  • Plugin Author Cyber Sprocket Labs


    No support? When did you contact us? We monitor the forums on a regular basis & respond to any direct inquiries within hours.

    You just posted to the forum < 1 hour ago & are already slamming us here in the main WordPress site? Exactly the type of response that makes us want to go out of our way to assist.

    Check those timestamps again, bud.

    My main beef is that you sent out a buggy update, which several people have made note-of on your forum with no response. Bad form.

    Your own site states, “Our pricing is simply to [sic] low to include one-on-one support. If you require one-on-one support our per-incident rates start at $120/hour and requires pre-payment by credit card or PayPal.”

    So our only other option is to comment on the forums, which lit up as soon as people started upgrading, and have received no response. Several outstanding issues now simply state, “I rolled back to 1.6.5 until the issue is resolved.”

    Plugin Author Cyber Sprocket Labs


    We responded to all postings within a day & released a patch within 30 hours. Your first post was at 03/01/2011 01:47 pm and your complaints both here and on our support forum started < 24 hours later at 03/02/2011 11:12 am. Not < 1 hour, < 1 day… my bad.

    If you check our change log as well as the timestamps on the releases via the WordPress Trak system you’ll find we release patches frequently. This includes bug fixes (we never claimed to be perfect) and features upgrades as requested by users.

    You’ll be hard pressed to find products that sell for 10x the price that have as quick a turnaround.

    The fact is, when you release a faulty version, it breaks people’s sites and waste time. You compound that frustration by waiting “>24 hours” to acknowledge the problem, and then berate the users for being impatient.

    It’s a solid little plugin when it works. It’s worth $10. But buggy updates and rude service make for unhappy, and vocal, customers.

    And for the record, no one is “hard pressed to find products that sell for 10x the price.” If it’s true, just charge that and hire someone in customer support. Otherwise, take a lesson from the above. A simple, “Thanks for lettings us know, can you give me a little more information about your operating system, etc…” would have prevented this whole thing.

    I have to weigh in on this thread. While I found the same bug with this plugin (haven’t yet purchased), I received multiple timely replies from developers of the plugin. It is frustrating going through the efforts of researching, downloading, and installing a plugin only to find that it’s not working as advertised. But the previous (free) version of this plugin was fantastic, and the new enhancements are definitely worth some troubleshooting.

    It doesn’t matter to me whether this plugin is $10 or $100, I would probably buy it, if I knew it worked as advertised. Apparently, they released the 1.7.6 version to address the bugs. I haven’t installed it yet to test. Cyber Sprocket Labs has been very responsive to people’s comments and complaints. They just need to get this plugin working and more stable. FTM, I use Chrome too, so I hope the new version works.

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