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    I love the plugin, but it stopped working today. It was working beautifully for many months and I have not had any upgrades on my WordPress site lately.

    However, I was able to get it to resume working by reposting the music with the short code to the blog post and then republishing the post. I don’t mind doing this, but I have nearly 20 or more posts that play .mp3s. I tried deactivating the plugin and then reactivating, but it did not help.

    Is there any reason why this should happen?



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  • Did anyone ever answer you? I have my player set to auto play and it was working perfect until today. My player stopped too.

    Not, yet. I can’t understand why this should happen. Maybe I was just lucky to get it to work again. I have another website with this plugin installed and the same thing happened. It just doesn’t work anymore for no apparent reason.

    I had another .mp3 plugin installed and that one is working so far, but because it is a Flash plugin, it doesn’t work on the iPad. I wish I knew the answer to this.

    I found this one that works with my ipad. So I’m in the process of changing them over to. I like it much better. Check it out here:

    Let me know what you think. I’m just glad I caught it early before I rebuilt the entire store. Plus this one uses the media file I’d already had uploaded to my server. The old one had me re uploading every track.

    The plugin just started working again on my website! See if it’s back on yours! I’d still like to know what happened.

    Too late, I already removed it and using the one I told you about above. I like the new one better. Did you check it out?

    Ok, maybe I’ll check it out now. The plugin stopped working again.

    The problem with the player that voice903fm recommended is that I cannot see how to do a player with a playlist… only single media plays…
    what happened to support on this thread… another plugin bites the dust? Or, is a revision coming to solve our problems? One can dream, yah?!

    Kepipro: You can put your playlist in a m3u file then load that into the player.

    Mahalo voice903fm … can a playlist in that format play the songs in the playlist randomly or only in sequence?

    Also, are there online instructions on how to create the m3u file and then designate it in the player code?


    @kepipro Sorry, I see the m3u file didn’t work. I tried it on my site and it didn’t. I think you may have to make the mp3 already mixed in order to use this player for various tracks. Sorry.

    Quite alright, voice903fm, in fact, I appreciate you getting back on this because it save me testing time. I can’t do a mix in one of my installations because I need the playlist to change tracks randomly to have some variety in track play each visit to the site.

    Plugin Author simon.ward


    just to add some clarity as it’s been confusing recently – there have been 3 recent problems, all different causes but with similar symptoms, explained below:

    1) Autoplay broken on iphone/ipad –
    Currently unfixable.
    Apple seem to have banned it, so user must press something first. Nothing i can do.

    2) Player didn’t advance to next track or broke after a click or two –
    This was Fixed in 1.8. The problem occurred after updating to wp 3.5 (jqueryUI scripts changed). A previously silent error suddenly decided to throw a fit (fair enough i guess!).

    3) Player didn’t autoplay/time displayed as ‘NaN’ –
    This was fixed in 1.8.3. The problem occurred after a recent flash update that killed jquery.jplayer.1.2.0 which I was still using. The plugin now uses jquery.jplayer.2.2.0.

    Finally, Laura, I’ve no idea why reposting your players worked, i’ve never seen this before, and if it’s exactly the same shortcode then it really shouldn’t change anything. I’ll close this thread for the mo, but if it happens again, or you still have issues with it please let me know!

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