• Awesome plugin, was working really great and still is where I host my english version ( chilehousing.organicosas.com ) of the website in the USA which is also version 3.6.1

    Problem is my spanish version being hosted on a different server ( chilehousing.cl )… everything was working fine last I looked. I have not been in to look for about a week. I haven’t updated any plugins, I haven’t updated wordpress. Only thing I did was saw it wasn’t working today and upgraded the wp-property plugin from 1.38.2 to 1.38.4 but that didn’t help.

    Is it possible to check what may have went wrong. Maybe the host installed something or removed something that wp-property needs or conflicts with.


    – search results in a blank screen, ie doesn’t fetch the properties
    – in admin I go to all properties page and it loads and loads and loads and the 6 properties I had there never show up.

    Thankyou heaps in advance for you help


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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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