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  • That is strange.

    The IPN listener responds to callbacks from paypal. It should not use logins or anything to do with comments. Perhaps it is using the xmlrpc.php program to process the response. You can disable the checks in xmlrpc.php it might still work.


    I updated the beta test of the plugin today.

    It white-lists the PayPal IP addresses.

    Available at

    Third time is the charm?


    I’ll gladly test it and report back since you took the time.

    Nope still no joy. Did you whitelist the sandbox?

    I white listed paypal’s sandbox manually through the admin options and it worked. More research found this.
    Starting September 12, 2012 will start resolving to a dynamic list of IP addresses and as such cannot be whitelisted.
    If you need to whitelist for IPN validation, please use as described here.


    I used that page at paypal to create the paypal whitelist. I’ll have to go back and see why it worked in the white list, but not the one that I just added.


    I don’t think you included the sandbox ip’s in the array. Could you not use the domain name as opposed to the ip like a trusted site in IE? That way if they change the ip’s again it won’t break anything.

    I won’t include the domains because when a spammer logs in I’d have to lookup the domain from the IP and this could be time consuming, especially if they are coming from a host with 10,000 domains on a single IP (likely for spammers). I can’t white list an email domain because the spammer could be spoofing it.

    I would just have to keep on top of it and refresh the list with a new release every few months.

    I just updated the beta with the paypal sandbox IP addresses.


    Awesome … I’ll grab another copy. Did you notice that PayPal has an email notification option on that page. They will let us know when they change the ip’s. It’s back up and working on

    I tried the email notification and it would not work. It might have been down or my email expired. I did some PayPal development a few years ago, but paypal could have forgotten about my login. I will spend some time one of these evenings trying to get back in.

    Thanks for all the help,


Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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