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  • Hi,
    Been having a few problems with RSS feeds from my WP multisite, two of which I normally show on a separate forum site; I have Stop Spammer Registrations installed as a multisite installation, and when AWPCP were trying to figure out why my feeds from their plugin were not working, they used a feed validation service, but this was being blocked by Stop Spammer. Equally I have a SMF installation (forum software) in a separate directory which has also been returning ‘invalid feed’ from these AWPCP feeds, even after the guys from there fixed the problem within my WP site. I decided to try feed validation myself, but again it is blocked by your plugin – once I deactivated it not only could I validate the feed, but the feed appeared correctly.

    Is there something that I need to change in the options to prevent this happening? Or is it a bug? Please help.

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  • I don’t know why AWPCP is blocked, but I think this is occurring because the feed validation process is not sending an ACCEPT header, USER AGENT, or causing one of the other conditions that would make the plugin think they are a spammer.

    First, enable the plugin, clear the cache and then try to validate the feed. There should be a reason for the denial in the log.

    If it is the invalid ACCEPT or USER AGENT header, go to the options page and uncheck the box for checking this kind of condition. If it is some other kind of error you can uncheck the corresponding option.

    Again, clear the cache (you might also check the black list) and try validating the feed.

    If this does not work, you can uncheck the “Check IP on xmlrpc.php” box and then the plugin will not check for spam in RSS requests. This will leave you open for pingback spam and other exploits, but most people turn that off anyway. Make sure you clear the cache before retrying.

    I use several rss feed modules and they all coexist with my plugin. If you find that they are not sending an Accept Header or User Agent, you might ask AWPCP to make this easy fix to their software.

    Please report back anything that you find out.


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