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  • Me to…

    Access Denied
    This site is protected by the Stop Spammer Registrations Plugin.

    Annoyed you say ! Sorry to say but to me this is really unacceptable !!

    For now you can remove the stop-spammer-registrations.php file from the plugin root. That will do !
    Better save a version before you do see, you never know !

    Found out my version. 2.8.6. Unable to update because of my host. 🙁

    Tried to remove “stop-spammer-registrations.php”. Can’t.

    Well my update was correct.. but with the very same problem.

    After removing the file stop-spammer-registrations.php WordPress-admin will deactivate it. Then if you place the file back, the plugin is in the list but inactive !

    Then you need to change the access settings for the file or better, logon to your host as admin and delete it there.

    …. and try closing the session with the message !

    I upgraded last night and attempted to log in this morning. I am locked out of my own blog!! I agree, this is unacceptable. Doesn’t anyone test these plug-ins before they are released?

    I am NOT happy about this.

    Same here. I renamed the folder / directory of the plugin. Hope that the bug will soon be fixed!

    I had the same problem this morning after updating the plugin yesterday, and I could not access my own site. Any suggestions?

    you can simply rename the folder / directory of the plugin on your server to deactivate it:
    for example:

    Plugin Author kpgraham


    I am checking this out.

    Did anybody get back in and check the reason why they were blocked? The log should show a reason. If you get back in and activate the plugin you should be able to view the history and then disable the plugin.

    I cannot reproduce this on my blogs.

    I will release an update as soon as I can.


    my IP address was blocked.

    I managed to get back in by renaming the directory, logging in, reactivating the plugin and adding my IP address to the white list. My IP address is not listed for spam, I checked on

    If you get back in and activate the plugin you should be able to view the history and then disable the plugin.

    Well sorry Keith, but I am not going to take such risk.

    I did what I described above, remove stop-spammer-registrations.php, Logon to WP, then WP finds a problem and deactivates the plugin (it is then not in the plugin-list), moved back the file stop-spammer-registrations.php and then it is also back in the WP list of plugins, deactivated.

    I am almost sure that when I activate it I will be locked out again.

    @chimesfreedom see my advice a fw post back. That worked for me.

    Thanks @karesansui. I had to call my hosting company and they walked me through the process of getting access back to my site (which was pretty much what you suggested): (1) We logged into the cpanel and opened File Manager. (2) From there we opened the file “wp-content,” and then (3) opened the file “plugins,” where you can scroll down to the plugin’s name. (4) Then we changed the name of the stop spammer registration plugin (by adding “_old” to the name, but you can change it however you like).

    Now I can access my site again. The plugin is listed as deactivated and if I reactivate it, I go back to not having access to my site and have to go through the process again. I guess I won’t be using this plugin until the bug is fixed.

    Looks like i’m gonna stay at v2.20 for now…

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