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  • Whatever it was…
    I suggest you log into your blog again, install and activate the plugin then go check the history and find out why it blocked you…

    Most probably you were using an IP that was previously used by spammers…

    I know and I’m trying to figure it out.

    I will have a 3.1 version up in a few hours if I can figure it out.



    It seems to be real. Something changed overnight. I am investigation. StopForumSpam shows in Google as COMPROMISED, which may be part of the issue.


    I have deactivated StopForumSpam for now until you give the green light 🙂

    To do this I these options:
    Deny spammers found on Stop Forum Span with more than 9999 incidents, and occurring less than 1 days ago.

    And then purged the cache!

    Maybe you should post this in all relevant threads so users stop fretting?
    I know I have weakened my protection but this is better than disabling the whole plugin!

    SFS reports IP checks with 255 days. This seems to be an error.

    If you reset the number of 999 incidents and occurring 1 then it works


    Version 3.1 works now.

    Please reinstall the plugin and test it.

    I am still not sure why it suddenly started failing. It has to do with reporting all ip checks with an email as spam.


    Is a reinstallation necessary?
    I simply overwrote the previous version with 3.1 and it seems fine.

    If anyone has uninstalled 3.0 and deleted, then reinstall is necessary.

    If it is just deactivated then updating 3.1, either by copying code, or using the WP updater will get the new version. Then activate.


    I updated and re-activated. Here’s a screenshot of my log where my IP was the one logged:

    One thing I noticed is that the time zone is not the one I have set in WP Admin options. That might be something to improve — either point out that it’s UTC or use WP’s time zone settings.

    Thanks for the fix.

    Thanks for the screen shot. You can see where SFS rejected you with a frequency of 255. I don’t understand it.

    I am very annoyed by the time zone thing and it is time to fix it. It is using zulu time (greenwich), so I’ll see about changing it.


    I thought everything was ok since I was on the newest version, but it did it again. The “Cached bad ip” error… And my IP is in the list of “Rejected IPs” even though shows 0 entries. Deactivated again, hopefully not forever…

    You need to clear the cache to get your IP out of there.


    You can add your ip to the white list and it’s working. I had same problem, after the update, I was seen like a spammer, and I don’t know why. I’ve checked my ip with all the spam websites, and it’s not there. After I added to the white list, everything works very fine.

    3.2 version which will release soon automatically adds you to white list. It also fixes the problem with false positives on SFS. It adds lots of new known spammer IP ranges and also checks with Akismet.
    I will not release it just yet. It needs lots more testing.


    Help – I cannot access my blog. I have deleted the plugin via ftp, but still cannot get in…

    Has anyone got back in? Please explain how.

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 25 total)
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