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  • Hello Keith,

    On my BuddyPress site, 3.9 beta doesn’t work at all. Once the plugin is activated, the activity log remains completely blank. Contrarily to version 3.8, new users can register, but so do the spammers :).

    So I switched back to 3.7 which worked perfectly. I will try to get more details later, with 3.9 beta on a local copy of the site.




    I think that the Buddy Press switch does nothing but disable the plugin in a BP install. I will remove it, or else use it to fine tune BP later.


    Keith, given the above comment, I’d also like to go back to version 3.7 but can’t find my original download. Do have it somewhere?

    Here it is :

    You can get old versions via the Developers tab on the plugin page.

    Also, the current Beta is working well with Buddy Press.

    Buddy press does something strange with the WordPress call to check email. As soon as I took that check you, the plugin worked well with Buddy Press. Only Buddy Press was affected.


    Yes, I confirm the new beta is working well. Thanks Keith!

    Yep, I installed the beta 3.9 and it seems to be doing the trick, and I even got my report spam button back (which went missing with 3.8).

    I never touched the report spam button – Buddy Press is doing some wild and crazy things behind the scenes. I have not yet found time to install it, but when I do, I expect to be surprised.

    BTW the plugin drops a log in the plugins directory when it finds an error it can’t handle. Did any of the Buffy Press people see if there was an error log in the Stop Spammers directory?


    Beta version seems to be working on my BuddyPress install too..

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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