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  • Eidt the stop-spammer-registrations.php file and do a search for

    function kpg_check_disp($em)

    It should be at line 716 of the 3.3 version.

    This is a list of email domains to be rejected because they are disposable. Add to the list. Save the file and copy it back to the plugins folder where it belongs.

    I am adding to the disposable list for the future, although it is not really a disposable site. It will be in version 3.4 which I am working on now, but might not be out for a few months.



    I decided that I get enough requests to block email domains that it deserves a separate configuration item. I have added this feature to my 3.4 version.


    Dear Keith – that would be great!

    I love that you write stories too – have read 2 so far. Also loved the science fiction cliche page and that you have a space maths page …..

    And you are the bee guy too aren’t you ? Made any honey mead ?

    I am indeed the bee guy. I usually get about 25 kilos at a time, which sells out right away, so I don’t have time to make mead.

    Thanks for reading the stories.


    Dear Keith,

    Thank You ! I have enjoyed so far
    Nest of Flames, Familiar christmas, and perhaps on Sunday will make a start on “Error Message Eyes … a programmers guide to the digital soul”.

    Everyone else … Keiths Books are available here:
    (Hoping it’s okay for me to ‘plug’ them for you)

    Hi Keith,
    I’m using v3.7 but I can’t get the email block to work – I am getting 10-20 spam registrations per hour, mostly using hotmail as an address. I added this to the ‘blocked email domains’ list but it appears to have no effect; having read this post I tried adding them to function kpg_check but in the last few minutes I’ve had another stream of registrations (hotmail again). Hope you can help coz it’s making open registrations totally unusable!
    Thanks in advance,

    Download and install the 3.8 Beta at

    I have fixed this issue. I am testing the plugin and it looks stable. I will release the 3.8 version when I am confident that it won’t break anything new.


    Thanks a lot!
    I’ll let you know if throws a wobbly 🙂

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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