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  • Hey there,

    Thank you for updating this plugin to work with the new twitter and fb API’s.

    I had been using a modified version of this plugin to update successfully for quite a while, and I’d like to ask for a few things based on my experience.

    1) Please reinstate the ability to choose in the per-post options whether you post as a link or status on fb. The old method of allowing/disallowing global variables and fine tuning per post was much preferable to the all or nothing UI in the new version.

    2) Please allow for the user to choose per post which profiles and fan pages the status or links are pushed to. I do not want every post I push to FB from my main blog to go to all 5 fan pages I am an admin of, but I would like the ability to update them all depending on the content of my blog post and the relevance to a particular page.

    3) Please remove the URL requirement – The plugin will work without forcing the url to be included in things like status messages, which for a long time made every post pushed via status update automatically show up as a link on fb rather than a status, which is why I sought out a fix in the first place.

    Additionally, as someone who stores their status messages as posts in wordpress (I scrub my facebook profile periodically), it would be really nice to be able to use the body of my post as my status, rather than only the title.

    Many thanks for resurfacing and working on this plugin again.

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