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  • May be more efficient than kstats and kstats reloaded granted, however seems too early to say that it beats them hand down.

    Heck there are also newer alternatives than kstats other than statpress visitors

    Web Stats: Alternatives to Google Analytics

    Clicky Analytics (getClicky) Review: clean, simple, effective

    The one i liked the best was yoast clicky. But for all the features, you need to pay for the premium package sadly.

    So in order for Statpress visitors to be better, it needs

    1. all features or most features, that is only available in yoast clicky premium.

    2. the rectangular bars is old school. If you have seen tomato firmware, they have very nice charts. Why not use something like that ?

    You can see a video of their bandwidth monitor here to get an idea of the graph i had mind

    3. Country flags, OS and browser icon pictures would be nice.

    4. world map integration also would be nice, e.g. google maps maybe ? It’s free.

    5. Like yoast clicky, they have all sorts of info, e.g. bounce. Also OAW has something like visitor loyalty, that can see the rate of return for the same unique visitors. That could be handy.

    In summary, yes although i do believe that statistical data, accuracy and efficiency come first; i still do think that the eye candy is good to have.

    Anyway i do appreciate the work you put toward this plugin, but i’m just giving my honest feedback.

    For now i think i’ll try slimstats first and see how that goes. I will still be monitoring the progress on this plugin however.

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  • Plugin Author luciole135


    Thanks for the review.
    I dont want to write a heavy plugin. I try to made it the ligther as possible to have the less RAM memory use and the lower load latency for server.
    I want to write the plugin the most effective with the existing StatPress data table.
    I already optimize a lot of SQL queries, now i will think to optimize the datatable.
    In my mind, all the people can subscribe to Google Analytics, but Google Analytics cant show you the log (spy) of the visitors.
    For my personal use, i use Dailystat (my other Stat Plugin) who delete olders record than 2 days. Then i have no problem with a heavy database and with web hoster.
    To see more general stats i go on Xiti or Google Analytics.
    I’ll think about your review.
    best regards.

    This is my website, hope you like it

    Plugin Author luciole135


    Hi, nice website.

    For the color, I think the new colors of WordPress 3.2 do not help WP, the new dashboard is really sad. Those of 3.1 were already sad next to those of 3.0 (a success), but here is depressing, it’s true.

    I’m thinking about that…

    hm … i mostly disabled the dashboard for my viewers 😀

    i only enabled profile thats about it :}

    I also disabled the bar at the top showing wordpress’s own search.

    as so saw, i add icon in the 1.2.x version, it’s more pretty, you are rigth !

    Plugin Author luciole135


    Now, in the version 1.3.x, i add some better design page.
    In the statistic page and all others too.

    Plugin Author luciole135


    Now, in the 1.4 version i add all logo and flag.
    Logo for searchs engines, spider, OS and browsers.
    Flags for internet domain and country.

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