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[Plugin: StatPress Visitors] Deleting entries question

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  • Plugin Author luciole135


    What is erased, it is the data of each visit, so the total counts are also modified, since account StatPress Visitors from data stored in the database.

    I know I sound like an ass now, but… could somebody explain to me what he said, in not so broken English?
    Somehow that reply feels like something that came out of google translate.

    Plugin Author luciole135


    I use google translate sorry.

    Nothing to apologize for 🙂

    Plugin Author luciole135


    I try with another translation:
    when statpress deletes data, it erases everything that was recorded on a particular day. Thus, the total change.

    So, when I let it delete data, I will no longer be able to see, how many people visited my site a year ago 🙁

    Plugin Author luciole135


    Plugins statistics are complementary to the free services of stats like those offered by Google Analytics or Xiti.

    To view annual statistics, it is best to subscribe to this free service.

    The plugins provide statistical information that you will not find with these free services. Thus, it is best to use both regularly and delete the data so that the site is not slowed.

    so when i delete old entries, the global counter (hits, visitors) is reduced too? doesn’t make much sense, if i want to show this stats on my website.
    a simple new var with some fix values that contain the dynamic vars wouldn’t be so hard, or? would be a speed improvement for the widget too.
    could you please update this? when this works an auto prune option for visits older than X would be fine too. statpress is yet the greatest entry in my sql database – but i need a global counter. thats why i use this plugin. if i would need something else, i would use something else.

    Plugin Author luciole135


    Indeed, this poses a problem when updating definitions. Must to update these counters taking into account the new definitions. Visitors have been counted as visitors so they were previously unknown robots must be subtracted from the total.
    Otherwise, if we do not take into account updates definitions, it is not very complicated and might even accelerate the homepage of the plugin.
    However, this will lead to many new counters: from the beginning, last month, the month yesterday.
    It depends if the meter reflects updates definitions or if just gives an idea of the number of visitors.

    thanks for the fast reply.

    for the global widget counter, it’s not nessecairy to subtract robots and visitory. much clicks always look good 😉

    i’m just speaking for my wish for the widget-stats, not the internal stats. so the value “actual visits REAL” is reduced after a prune of old data. so “actual visits REAL” just needs to be calculated like “actual visits BEFORE PRUNE” minus “actual visits AFTER PRUNE”.
    same with visitors/pageviews.

    at the moment i see only two new vars. they can be updated from the default vars (there is a value calculated) and this is just added the the “real and forever” counter just as a number.

    what do you mean?

    I like this idea.
    Would increase performance and still give an estimate for the past with which you can compare current numbers.

    Plugin Author luciole135


    Sorry I used Google translate and this is not ideal to communicate. The translation had to be done poorly.
    At this moment I am very busy and I could not get involved in this mofification before July.
    There is a Google group if you want to start making improvements to the plugin.

    july? oO
    i think i do something for myself for the plugins until then

    Plugin Author luciole135


    You only want to do it only for yourself?
    You do not want to share your improvement with the community?

    of course, but it isn’t what you expect 😉

    here is the widget code:

    php ob_start();
    $z = ob_get_contents();
    echo number_format($z+1234567890,  0,'','.');
    ?> Pageviews<br />

    where 1234567890 is the difference from before_prune and after_prune of the data (and my old values).

    to keep the page fast, the widget is cached, so the counter don’t show in realtime.

    needed that “function” once, because the page counted visits long before i used it on wordpress.

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