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  • Hello, I’m using the following code in a sidebar widget:

    <  Unique Visits: %visits%
      Page Views: %pagestoday%</p>
    Total Since %since%:
      Total Unique Visits: %totalvisits%
      Total Page Views: %thistotalpages%</p>
    Visitors Online Now: %visitorsonline%</p>

    I have the following questions:
    1) I write a blog that’s very international, many times zones. When my time zone changes, many of my viewers in the later time zones see low data results because the day’s data is reset when my time zone hits midnight. Can you add a %variable% to display today’s date (similar to how you show %since%)? e.g.

    Today %today%:

    2) As you can see, I use %visits% and %pagestoday%. However instead of %visits% which apparently only counts a user once per day, I’d like to present all visits that day including repeat visitors. Can you add a display variable for that?

    Thank you to anyone that can help.

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  • Anyone….???

    For the next version you will find these variables :
    %visitors% number of unique visitors
    %visits% number of visits
    %today% today

    Please wait, i made too some change in the counting of feeds, i add 2 counts :
    one count the total feeds of unique visitors
    the other the total feeds of posts

    These new count will be display in the Graph and Overview of the Main page and in the graphs of Visitors, Views and Feeds page.

    I optimize the autodelete part of the software, now, only one delete of olds datas by day.
    And after autodelete, automatic optimization of the datatable “statpress”.

    I write, now, in better english, i hope.

    For the next version, you will find these variables:
    %visitors% number of unique visitors
    %visits% number of visits
    %today% today

    Please wait, I also made some changes in the counting of RSS feeds, there will be two different calculations:
    The first, RSS feeds of total unique visitors (the same visitor is counted once, no matter the number of subscriptions).
    the second, the total RSS feeds for the visits (the same visitor is counted each time he has subscribed).

    These recount will be shown in the graph and overview of the “Main” page and in the graphs of “visitors” and “page views” and RSS “feeds” pages.

    I optimize also the “autodelete” software, there will be a young single deletion of data per day and not per visit as is the case now.
    And after deleting the old data, there will be an automatic optimization of the data table “Statpress”.

    Best regard,

    I answered the wrong place, the changes described above are valid only for the plugin that I developed “Statpress Visitors” and not “Statpress.
    My apologies.

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