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  • Why does SP record such different visitor numbers than SP? I’m talking differences of 150 visits or so. SP is higher. Why is this? Does the author every reply here?

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  • Google Analytics is not real-time like StatPress. The author has a forum set up to answer questions like this, if you paid attention, you’d find it.

    Look, autoclavicle.

    I have been to that forum countless times and posted questions and never get any response.

    Regardless if SP is reporting real time or not, at the end of the day stats are stats and the number of visitors should be the same in both reporting services. If I have XXX visitors per day, then that’s what I have! Real time or not, one visitor is one visitor.

    You can tell by the obvious lack of replies from the creator, both on the forum and here that they care not to maintain this plugin any longer.

      It just doesn’t work right.

    I had the same question. I started doing some research and although I don’t think I nailed it 100%, I did come up with some interesting insights.

    I could be wrong on all this, but being an ex-computer guy, I think at least some of it is more than coincidence.

    It appears the spiders hitting the site are counted in the Visitors summary by Statpress. I turned off counting spiders in the statpress options and saw my Visitors count drop almost in half.

    Also, I did a DNS lookup on the Top IP-Pageviews on the Details page. Many of those were hitting my site 100s of times per day and they were from other countries (that I don’t think care about Minnesota real estate). I put a deny from xx.xx.xx.xx in my .htaccess file to block those IP addresses. I assume they are some sort of spam or Splog servers.

    Lastly, I took a hard look at the Statpress Spy page and realized that several of my pictures were being linked to by MySpace pages! I quickly renamed the files to break the links. Again, I think Statpress was counting those as users. Google only runs when a page is accessed.

    Time will tell if these changes were actually the correct ones, but this is my $.02 on the issue.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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