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  1. yaysloths
    Posted 6 years ago #

    So StatPress was working pretty well for me over the past few weeks - numbers were definitely higher than Google Analytics, but still in the same ballpark.

    Then a few days ago things seem to have gone a bit haywire, e.g. so far today it's showing 6 visitors and 230 pageviews. This is a new-ish site and probably only has about a dozen pages total, so unless all six visitors have OCD or short-term memory loss issues, I'm thinking something else is going on here.

    I looked at the access log in cpanel and it's a bit convoluted but to me it looks like every time any file is accessed (images loaded, css files called, etc.) StatPress is calling that a separate pageview, meaning that just loading the homepage once is resulting in a few dozen "pageviews". What's up with that? I didn't change any settings at all, and this definitely wasn't happening before.

    In addition, StatPress seems to be ignoring my request NOT to track logged in users (i.e. me), so every time I post or edit or preview, those are all being counted as pageviews as well even though I have unchecked "Collect data about logged users, too."

    Why has StatPress gone rogue? I rely on GA for "real" stats, but I like seeing the semi-realtime ones in SP...but not when they bear absolutely no relation to reality whatsoever. Any input would be appreciated; thanks.

  2. Jason Crouse
    Posted 5 years ago #

    Well, why don't you try WP SlimStat:


    Much better than StatPress :) And actively maintained and supported!


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