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  • Statpress – great plugin, I would like to suggest some things though.

    Maps – Lets use the Google maps api to do something, I would seriously cry if you added this, thats how happy I would be.

    pie graphs – That would be totally amazing if you could put the stats on pie graph format.



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  • Thankss for your feedback! 🙂

    What exactly do you have in mind about the Google Maps API?
    Draw a world map where all the visitors are shown in?
    I would first need to find a really reliable IP-to-coordinates-service, which is not too easy.

    More advanced statistics, espescially in form of graphs, is planned for the next version. 🙂

    Problem is that reliable province/state level IP block data is hard to get by, for use in an open source application. So, barring an option to activate a required subscription-based service (e.g. as available from MaxMind) I think at best a country-based option is available on a world-wide scale, where a marker is set at the country’s centroid (“somewhere in the middle”). And country-level stats aren’t really that helpful… I’m not sure the necessary investment of building some IP-based geocoding into StatPress Reloaded is worth that effort.

    (Yes, there are some finer tuned and “free” IP geolocation DBs around, even at city-level, but they’re any possible combination of being either not very accurate, or not available world-wide. And regardless of that, I believe they’re fairly large and CPU expensive to use.)

    Look much forward to the graphs though!

    I did a quickie integration with StatPress Reloaded and the freebee service from MaxMind (Geolite? I forget the exact name.) Based on my non-scientific spot checking of reverse lookups, it seems pretty dead accurate. They’re both great products and I like refreshing the main StatPress page to get a much more useful overview with city, state and country.

    Additionally, I also modified a few SPR lines to show IP-to-hostname lookup (slow!) and logged in username, if applicable, on the main SPR page.

    I see that, StatPress Reloaded had Pageviews today and Pageviews yesterday option, but it only have Visitor today (don’t have Visitor yesterday). Can’t you upgrade it?
    Thanks for your work!

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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