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  • juliano


    Thanks for responding so quickly!

    I have avoided simply using is_home because I am re-using my same theme across two blogs (and I expect it to grow to more later). One uses the static front page, and the other doesn’t, so assuming that “is_home() implies is_page()” is not safe.

    I have worked around the problem by using the second proposal above. I have created a home.php in my template. It checks the value of “isset($sem_sp_page_id)” and uses that to decide whether to include my index.php or page.php template.

    I am not convinced that it is correct for is_page to return false, but given this workaround is working for me, I am satisfied. If there is a lot of demand to fix is_page from others, you might like to consider looking at it. If I am the only person with this issue, please consider it Case Closed, and accept my thanks for a very useful plug-in.

    Just noticed something odd as part of a WP1.5.1.2 and StaticFrontpage 1.3 upgrade. I haven’t been able to determine where the problem lies yet, but here goes…

    Since the change, clicking on the comments link on the front page does nothing, whereas before the page would update to include the comments form. This happens even using the default theme that ships with (as well as with my custom theme)

    The home page (page id =1) of the site is:

    The link being generated for Comments on the pushed front page is:

    but should, I believe, be:

    When manually entered as above, the comments form draws correctly.


    Actually, it’s a feature. the plugin used to miss a couple of permalinks that directed to the ‘page’, as in index.php?page_id=1

    To fix, either:

    – manually add the comments in your home.php template;
    to do this, insert:
    ‘$withcomments = true;’
    – or… comment the following line in the plugin:
    add_filter(‘page_link’, ‘sem_static_home_link’, 10, 2 );

    > – or… comment the following line in the plugin:
    > add_filter(‘page_link’, ‘sem_static_home_link’, 10, 2 );

    That did the trick. Many thanks!

    Great plugin, thanks. If anyone is having trouble coming up with a solution for a “blog” page with this plugin see this thread. This solution is based on using one category (with sub-categories if needed) just as the plugin author suggested. Sorry if this is obvious to all you PHP gurus but I know there are probably other WP/PHP newbies such as myself who may find it useful.

    I have a small problem with Static Front Page plugin and the Per-Post Styles plugin…
    My static front page has a different style from the rest of the blog, as using the perpoststyles plugin. So, when I go:
    I get the correct style
    when I go to
    I get the style of the rest of the blog, even tho I get the correct static page…

    make a home.php template, and call the correct style from it.

    Yes this is exactly what I did next. I made a homepage.php template, with a new style called post2, which I added to the style.css and made the static front page from homepage.php.

    Exactly the same problem has occurred. If I go to:
    then the layout is fine
    If I go:
    the content is correct, but it appears to default to the ‘normal’ layout for the rest of the site.

    Any ideas?

    I believe you have it wrong. my plugin makes the page use the home.php template when one exists. the other plugin you are using will have an effect on the page.php template.

    yes you are right, I was wrong. I was so intent on using the csstyle changing plugin I hadnt read about page.php

    sorry to trouble.

    Hi, the plugin does exactly what I need, but on the page in question I’m getting the “Filed Under” category name and date inserted as if it was a regular blog post. This doesn’t happen with the plugin off. Do I need to change some code somewhere?



    I was wondering how it is possible to use the mini loop with this plugin.
    I wanted to have a static frontpage with a small newsbox.

    I found a simply way to solve the problem of the static home page using the post template instead of the page template. If you like the formatting used on the pages, then copy page.php and save it as home.php in your active template folder. Your home page will now look like a page instead of a post.

    @wistex: as documented… 🙂

Viewing 15 replies - 16 through 30 (of 70 total)
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