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  • bamajr


    This plugin is awesome – so kudos to Fernando and Sergei. I believe this plugin is one of the most complete stats options available to WordPress users/developers.

    I especially appreciate the short codes in the StatPress Widget. So many plugins forget about the widget area, when enabling shortcodes.

    That all said, I’d like to make 3 observations/requests:

    • Make shortcodes available to Titles – especially in the widgets. I know shortcodes can cause problems with the permalink structure, but the Post/Page Titles, don’t always use the entire Title, verbatim, anyway. In Widgets, there is no reason a title can’t include a shortcode.
    • Make shortcodes available across the entire platform, not just in the StatComm Widgets. Posts/Pages/Categories/Tags/Widgets and so on. This shouldn’t take much either as you already have a solid shortcode structure in place.
    • Add Geo options to shortcodes. StatComm already tracks the geographical location of the visitor, based off of an IP Comparison to the MaxMind IP Database. There is no reason this information isn’t made available across the entire WordPress installation, in shortcode format.

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  • Plugin Author WPReady


    Shortcodes shouldn’t be a problem and also it is a good idea.

    We’ll add it to next iteration, I think that should be ready in first week of November.

    Plugin Author WPReady


    Statcomm is including one subplugin to use Geolocalization available.
    You would need to activate it in order to use it.

    I understand Statcomm is using a “sub-plugin” to make Geolocalization available. I also know about the activation process. What I’m referring to, is the ability to use that Geolocalization data, across WordPress.

    For instance…

    If I install Statcomm and additionally install the Geolocalization sub-plugin, I should be able to use some form of shortcode to identify where my visitors are coming from. This would allow me to create widgets which identify the customer, by the area they are visiting from.

    Plugin Author WPReady


    Ooops, what I wanted to say was…
    Statcomm also includes a Shortcodes subplugin. When you activate it, a Help for the subplugin is also available on the Statcomm menu.

    After activation:
    -shortocdes are available across entire site
    -Geolocalization is available across entire site
    -I didn’t check the title/widget requirement , so I guess it wouldn’t work. I’ll check this and let you know.



    Yes… I have activated the “shortcodes” sub-plugin and it is great, once you get it working. The instructions for implementing the short codes, have a small inaccuracy, which keeps the shortcodes from working correctly

    See the inaccuracy, in my screenshot.

    The instruction is to use:

    Syntaxis: [sc_field fieldname='fieldname']

    However, I believe it should actually be:

    `Syntaxis: [sc_fieldname fieldname=’fieldname’]’

    May want to look into that!

    Plugin Author WPReady


    Ooops, that was a glitch in the documentation.
    It correction now is included in the next release.

    Thank you for pointing that out!

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