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Awesome Plugin - UA Suggestion (2 posts)

  1. bamajr
    Posted 3 years ago #

    Personally, I will use as many tools as possible, to understand the traffic patterns of my website. Your plugin does a fantastic job, painting a measurable picture, that is easy to understand.


    I'm also one to use a plugin to replace multiple plug-ins. For instance, after installing your plugin, there isn't much need for the WP-log-robots plugin. While it is a solid plugin, I am more apt to use a plugin with more features and functionality, especially if they are beneficial features and functionality.

    Based on everything your plugin already does, I would like to suggest a couple improvements. Yes, these improvements would be beneficial to me, but after you read my suggestions, I think you'll see that they will benefit many, many others as well.

    • Build in optional functionality, equivalent to that offered in the WP-UserAgent plugin. This should not be that complicated as your plugin already tracks the UA of every visitor. The only addition would be the ability to turn on/off the posting of that information and how it is organized/displayed, on posted comments.
    • Build in optional functionality, equivalent to that offered in the WP-UserOnline plugin. Again, this shouldn't be that complicated as your plugin already tracks when visitors visit the page, and who the visitor is. The only addition would be the ability to display that visitor information in a widget of some sort, showing bots, guests and logged-in users.
    • Finally, build in optional functionality, equivalent to that offered in the Register IP - MultiSiteplugin. Your plugin already logs the IP Addresses, so adding the ability to view the signup IP, in a column, of a user, in the USER ADMINISTRATION area and the ability to block that IP from being able to sign up in the future, shouldn't be that big of a deal.

    With the quality of your plugin, to this point, I feel sure it could offer even more benefit, to even more people, with the addition of these three features.


  2. WPReady
    Plugin Author

    Posted 3 years ago #

    Hi bamajr, we really appreciate your comments and suggestions. Thanks!

    Currently much of the additional functionality you are describing could be build quickly. In fact, some rough examples are on the following links:
    http://forum.wpgetready.com/index.php?topic=195.0 (filter)
    http://wpgetready.com/2012/05/expanding-statcomm-statcomm_info-action/ (actions).

    We also know those techniques would be useful for tweaking and complementing particular sites and user needs, but in the end many users just don't know how to use using actions and/or filters. Not every site owner is a developer and to build custom solutions could end up in cumbersome code dependencies, hard to mantain and understand.

    To tackle generic user requirements, we are working in a sub-plugin mechanism where is possible to add custom code to Statcomm plugin core in a more manageable way. The user will be able to decide which functionality to turn on/off to match with her/his site requirements.

    This is far to be completed though, but this is where our efforts are currently heading. When we achieve this goal, we will gladly add the features you are requesting.

    Thank you for your support and enjoy the day.

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