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  • Good day!
    As I repeat in my title, your plugin is awesome and very promising. I tried it in our website,

    Ours is a college for the deaf, a non-profit foundation training Filipino deaf people in computers. I designed three simple question topics to be used as an assessment tool for our deaf students. I made very minimal tweaks. It worked. However, I encountered some issues and limitations which I hope that you may improve in your succeeding versions. Here are those:

    1. You cannot use HTML tags as part of the question or answer items. They revert back either as a blank or the one that appears in between the tags. I used the equivalent ASCII code for the tags. But it again reverted back.
    2. You cannot put a note or instruction inside the question screen after the title. This is important especially if the respondent needs to be reminded about it.
    3. In an Identification item, you have to instruct the respondent to answer in lower case because if they make any part of the answer in upper case, then they would get a wrong answer. Can you make it automatic?
    4. I think there is only a limited number of respondents allowed. In my case, only 48 respondents appeared on the SSQuiz Users. But when I opened the database, all users were saved. I hope all the users appear on the SSQuiz Users and not just the 48.
    5. If your quiz is password protected, then you can access the exam only if you put the correct password. However, succeeding users of the same PC where your password has been saved can continue to access the quiz. Is there a way to disable saving the password as cookie?
    6. There is no provision on changing the email title when the respondent received the results.
    7. I added the %%NAME%% on the template so that the respondents name appear on the result screen as well as on the email.
    8. I wish you can also include the provision for announcing the passing or failing score. The quiz administrator can determine if the respondent passed if he gets 10 out of 20 items or 50% or 14 out 20.
    9. I was able to use the True or False question type as well as the multiple choice. However, when I used the qrandom and not arandom, my selections also randomized. A True or False sometimes appears as False or True.
    10. Maybe you can add Matching Type questions or identification type which the respondent can also provide more than one answer.

    These are just some of the difficulties I encountered. I hope that you may be able to address them. Thank you very much for developing this plugin. Congratulations!

    Jojo Esposa Jr.
    Training Director
    MCCID College of Technology

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