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  1. sigotratando
    Posted 6 years ago #

    In the only documentation that suggests how to use the widget, I find:

    This plugin is designed to be used as sponsors slide show widget. It can display a certain link category as slide show in the sidebar, using the jQuery Cycle Plugin. It automatically excludes the chosen slideshow category from the WordPress internal links widget. Below is a list of options.

    In the second-to-last sentence, from what I can understand, once you have assigned the category you have chosen to be the sponsor-slideshow's category, it is excluded from all other use? Or does that sentence mean it will not show up in WP's internal links widget? I'm not sure.

    But what I think I'm sure of is that you have to use WP's internal link widget to both establish the category AND to put links into that category. So the links and their category need to show up there.

    I tried to understand this sentence because after setting both the Links widget and the Sponsors-slideshow widget up successfully, I find the a Slideshow link showing up in the Links widget even when the each clearly uses separate categories!

    Is there a work-around for this?

    My current beta is:



  2. sigotratando
    Posted 6 years ago #

  3. sigotratando
    Posted 6 years ago #

    I wanted to make a point of clarification about where each widget is in my beta.

    The Links widget is in the middle of the sidebar labeled Social Media --- where there are supposed to be only two images: Facebook and MySpace.

    The Sponsors-Slideshow widget is at the bottom of the sidebar labeled Our Sponsors.

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