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    I have a product “meat” with a quantity. This product can be bought in several packages. E.g. Package 1: 3.5kg Steak, 2.0kg sausage, 1.5kg burger pattys, Package 2: 3.5kg steak, 3.5kg sausage, …

    If I order a package at the moment, it splits the package into every single component: Order 1: 3.5kg Steak, Order 2: 2.0kg sausage, Order 3: 1.5kg burger pattys, …

    That’s not what I want to achieve. What I want the order splitting to do:

    If a customer oders package 1 and package 2, I want to split the order into package 1 and package 2:
    Order 1: 3.5kg Steak, 2.0kg sausage, 1.5kg burger pattys.
    Order 2: 3.5kg steak, 3.5kg sausage.

    Is this possible with your plugin?

    The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]

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    Dear Shan,

    If you can defined your packages/products within some categories. So those categories will be considered as groups. There are two possible functionalities in this plugin which can work for you.

    1) Grouped Categories
    2) Grouped Products

    In both cases, you will be able to split multiple items into desired order as one package. You’re requested to watch the screenshots available on plugin page and the video tutorial on settings page.

    Team Ibulb Work



    So this is only possible with the premium plugin?

    Plugin Author Fahad Mahmood


    In fact this plugin basically provide order split functionality. In addition there are 4 methods are provided fit your requirements. A few complex cases which can take time to troubleshoot are not FREE. Premium users contribute with their ideas, time and suggestions so new methods got introduced in this plugin for rare use cases. Basic functionality to split an order with variety of settings are provided for FREE. I hope you will appreciate this piece of work.

    Question 1:
    When I use the Pro plugin, to split my bundled products package, is it possible, to define, when the orders should get split? Because I had a problem with the free plugin: I use automated status updates for my orders, and the status of the orders always got updated at first, and then split. But I want to split the orders at first, and then apply the automated status updates.

    The hooks I use for automated status updates: woocommerce_payment_complete, woocommerce_order_status_on-hold, woocommerce_order_status_processing and woocommerce_order_status_completed.

    Question 2:
    And we will probably buy the pro plugin, so to be sure again a question to clarify, what we need:
    We have a product with ID 212, which consists of bundled products (all with ID 730). So product 212 is the package for the bundled products with ID 730. So a package can contain up to 4 products.

    A customer orders a 25€ coupon, and 2 packages with ID 212, 1 package with ID 213.
    What I want:
    1 order, which consists of the coupon.
    1 order, which contains the 2 packages with ID 212.
    1 order which contains the package with ID 213.

    Plugin Author Fahad Mahmood


    Lets take this case as a new/custom requirement. It is clear that existing FREE or PRO version, both aren’t having this kind of functionality. Kindly don’t go for the PRO version having these things in mind. All the features are explained either in video tutorials or screenshots available on plugin home page. In case you need some custom work, i can work on that but for that i need to go through your requirements step by step.

    What i perceived:

    1) You are talking about bundled product
    2) Need to split coupon based discounted product in separate order
    3) ID 212 (a kind of selection from products list) will be in a separate order
    4) Another selection 213 will be splitted in a separate order

    Or basically coupon based thing a new requirement. I would like to invite you on demo website where i can develop this scenario for you so you can test and confirm before i release this new case. I am repeating, kindly don’t go for PRO version as your required scenario will not work with FREE or PRO version for now.


    I don’t think that you got everything.
    I will try to explain that in detail:

    We sell meat on our website in packages (Package ID: 212). We have a 7kg package for example, which consists of 3,5kg steak (ID: 730) and 3,5kg of mint (ID: 730), pattys (ID: 730) or sausages (ID: 730), which the customer can choose freely. So a package can have up to 4 bundled products (e.g. 3.5kg steak, 1kg mint, 1kg pattys, 1.5kg sausages).

    The packages are product bundles and the components of the package are variable products.

    Besides meat we will also sell equipment like cooking books, spatulas, basically equipment for grilling.

    1) Customer orders a 7kg package (212), consisting of 3,5kg steak (730) and 3,5kg mint (730). This should all stay in one order. With the free version I had the problem, that the order got separated into 3,5kg steak and 3,5kg mint (2 orders).

    2) Customer orders 2 7kg packages (with ID 212). In this case, the order can also stay in one order and doesn’t have to be separated, since the packages got the same ID.

    3) Customer orders a 7kg package (212) and another 7kg package (but with ID: 213, for example other meat).
    212: Variable products have ID 730
    213: Because it is different meat, we use a different ID for the variable products -> e.g. steak (731), mint (731), pattys (731) and sausages (731).
    In this case, we want to separate the 1 order into 2 orders: 1 order consisting of the package with ID 212 and the bundled products with ID 730 and 1 order consisting of the package with ID 213 and the bundled products with ID 731.

    4) Customer orders a 7kg package, a cooking book and a spatula. In this case, we want to have 2 orders: 1 consisting of the package and the affiliated products and 1 order containing the cooking book and the spatula.

    I hope this explanation made it clear. Basically, I just want to be able, to split packages, which contain bundled products in separate orders.

    Nothing with coupons 😀 The coupons example was just a normal product, which the customer can also buy.

    Thanks for your help!

    Plugin Author Fahad Mahmood


    I think it would be better if we discuss it in parts. I will wait for you on demo website and then we can break this set of requirements in tiers. I hope you have already understood, its something new which is not available in existing version.

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