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    In Settings –> Splashgate

    under “screen options”

    “Splash Status” “Splash Recurrance” “Splash Style” are all un-ticked. Ticking each one and hitting “save” results in a page reload and them being un-ticked again.

    Hey, if you haven’t figured this out yet, what I had to do was first (under screen options) check the bottom choice that says “Screen Layout – Number of columns – 2” and THEN check those options above it, because they will open in a second column for you to view.

    Try that and let me know if it works for ya.

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    Opsec, very sorry for your troubles and thanks for the feedback. Currently the problem you describe about not seeing the settings boxes correctly in 3.4.1 has not been resolved in SplashGate v1.1, but the the manual correction AlyMarie describes should fix it for you. We are aware of this bug and will patch it up asap.

    I am fairly new at all this wordpress site stuff and even newer at the forum stuff.

    Disclaimer: I am new at all this and this may not be the right thread at all for my question but here it goes:

    I was trying to figure out how to use Splashgate for my needs, but i’m beginning to think I need a different plugin for what i want. I am trying to make a landing page/ splash page with a subscription form that ONLY shows up for first-time visitors. I am willing to use unbounce or optimizely or somehting like that (in fact, I’d LIKE to use one of these) but I just can’t figure out how it would work. I don’t want regular blog readers to have to mess with a subscribe splash page everytime they enter the site, but I DO want first time visitors to receive a splash page that encourages subscription to my email newsletter. I’d rather not go the “user” or “membership” route. I’d rather have a cookies/cache tracker of some kind that just KNOWS whether or not a visitor is a first-timer. (yes, some will clear their cache and get the splashpage again but i’m not worried about that.)

    If ANYONE can help me that would be awesome because I am stuck and my boss/client/husband needs me to fix this website!

    Great idea. I got really excited when I saw the screenshots but this plugin is not working for me.
    1 the splash page does not load
    2 the Splash Management only shows me the page I choose. There is nothing for Splash Status. I did the Screen Option drill. Gonna go try SimpleSplash.

    Oooooops! Mea culpa! I just looked again and found the Splash Management UI. It might have been that the Screen Option clicking was tricky or I was rushed and didn’t see it the first time. I did check Screen Options: 2 Column and found the Management in the right sidebar. Very cool. Just tested it and seems to be doing what I wanted, as advertised: Load a Splash Page for first time visitors. I’ll set the Recurrence to 3 months.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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