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  1. jalancast
    Posted 5 years ago #

    If your blog is running the SpeedPPC Dynamic Keyword Insertion plugin, it may be the cause of a mysterious and hard to trace 404 error - even on pages that aren't utilizing the dynamic keyword insertion feature.

    My process for finding the cause of my random, mysterious 404 errors was:

    1. Clearing all cache files
    2. Re-saving permalinks
    3. Turning off all plugins and then re-activating one-by-one (! important)
    4. Clearing htaccess file of all code except that generated by a basic WordPress install

    I skipped step 3 in previous problem solving attempts and was unable to find my error. Without step 3, everything would resolve during testing only to re-appear a few hours later.

    According to the plugin developer, .htaccess rules common to popular caching plugins are "too complicated" and cause a random 404 error to appear on the site - even on pages that aren't utilizing the Dynamic Keyword Insertion feature.

    Hopefully they will resolve this problem soon - and hopefully this post helps someone else.

  2. sabriyaberkeley
    Posted 4 years ago #

    Is there any plugin in wordpress that actually helps you in dynamic keyword Insertion?

    Dynamic Keyword Insertion plugin

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