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    Hello, I’m using on Game Usagi and everything has been working wonderfully, but there’s a smallish compatibility issue with WPTouch that makes posting comments rather difficult. Instead of having the link/quote/reply buttons under each comment they appear bunched together before the comics are shown. In addition to this, when logged in, the “post your comment” button appears on top of them, also nowhere near where it’s supposed to be under the comment entry box.

    Here’s a picture of the button issue:

    Is there a way to fix this? Thanks.

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  • Okay, I figured it out. For anyone with the same problem, just add:

    style="position: relative;"

    Into both of the the divs that say class=”comment-buttons” in the includes/functions.php file in

    : D

    Plugin Author Spectacula


    Cool. Thanks. I was going to take a look it this morning.

    While you’re here, there’s still a small bug with my implementation. When you reply directly to a previous comment in WPTouch the “Cancel reply” button shows right on top of the “Post Comment” button.

    Here’s what it looks like:

    Is there a way to stop this overlap and perhaps have the Cancel Reply button styled in the same way as the Post Comment button?


    Plugin Author Spectacula


    That looks like another positioning bug much like the one before. I’ll give it a look on one of my dev installs and see if I can find the appropriate thing to fix it.

    Plugin Author Spectacula


    I can’t get the same problems to show up for me. However what I would advise as a better course of action would be to disable my commenting stuff on the wp-touch theme. This will reduce load on mobile devices and leave you with a touch friendly version of comments, which mine in it’s default form is not. WpTouch has it’s own ajax commenting so you’d not be missing out on much.

    Adding this to the top of the spec_commenting > _init method will kill spec_commenting when something intercepts the template filter.

    if ( get_template( ) != get_option('template') )

    I’ve added the change to the trunk version of commenting.php which you can find here

    Thanks for the help. I ended up just disabling the “Cancel reply” button in WP-Touch. I need on the mobile devices instead of the default WP-Touch comments because I’ve fully integrated Cubepoints including my own custom badge system with and don’t want to have to do it all over again with WP-Touch’s comment system. Otherwise, I’m sure your suggestion would be the better option.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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