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  • This is pretty much looking like a great plugin.

    Two things

    It looks a bit messy in term of replies. Big comment, small reply. Nearly looks unordered. Would be great to link the replies with the comments with an arrow or something.

    I tried making the replies and comments get closer together, unfortunately it looks like it makes all comments squeeze closer too, which defeats the purpose. Maybe I should make replies a different color? Not sure if that’s possible, but just flew into me head.

    Lastly the plugin conflicts with the GASP plugin. A tick box anti spam plugin, which really does work well. If you forget to tick the box, a pop up appears, great. But when you go back and tick the box, spectacula hangs. A shame. Is there a work around?

    Again, great plugin. I’m not sure if the developer is active on it or not?

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  • Plugin Author Spectacula


    You can create your own styles for the plug-in and wipe out all the original styling if you need to. Just drop a comments.css file into your theme’s folder, then from the spec comments admin page select the theme styling from the drop down. You can also add your CSS the the plug-ins style folder. Be careful with that as it can get wiped out by an upgrade to the plugin, that folder is more for us to add new default themes to it for release. Our main site uses this plugin but looks nothing like the styles included with the plug-in. For e.g.

    As to working with other plug-ins that do things to the comment form, that can only really be done if we drop compatibility with older WordPress and implement the newer comments form. This could also cause problems for people who’ve rolled their own styles, although we’d take care to keep the same mark-up things would still be prone to change.

    Thanks for that info. is an impressive demo on what can be done to integrate Spectacula.

    I got through a lot of the CSS quite well, and it was shaping up, and working the way I liked.

    Unfortunately I ran into some hitches with those other comment related plugins. Namely a GASP, a replyme type plugin, and a first time comment plugin. All of which I find quite beneficial.

    I’m guessing 🙂 this is not likely to be implemented in the near future, or even for such options to become a part of Spectacula.

    Likewise with all that JS, I was thinking a post comment field opening up a “thanks for commenting, would you mind sharing this – social network icon” row would be really nice. Again, just an idea if you are thinking of doing any work to the plugin 😉

    WordPress is really in need of an all in one comment system plugin.

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