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  • Ross Wintle


    Hi there,

    I’m still trying to find the ultimate recent posts plugin and while this is really close (great work by the way!) I have a couple of things to log.

    I have one bug to report and a couple of feature requests.


    The bug is that the class on the widget container is broken. It’s “Special Recent Posts”, which is actually three classes.

    This makes styling the h3.widget-title hard. I can select this in my css by selecting .Special.Recent.Posts, but it should be fixed.

    I suspect it something to do with the registration of the widget.

    Feature 1: Title Link

    Could you provide an option (or some options) to link the h3.widget-title to something? Options might be:
    – Link to blog index
    – Link to category index

    There is a global “Use Category Title”, but if this could have a little more flexibility and be configurable on a per-instance basis that would be awesome.

    Feature 2: Custom classes

    I want to style different instances of the widget differently. Could you add a “Widget Class” option that would enable me to target individual instances in CSS (without depending on the widget-instance-specific ID’s)?

    I could probably help fix/develop these things if you wanted me to.

    Thanks again…it’s really good compared to other similar plugins.

    Ross W

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  • Plugin Author Luca Grandicelli



    Bug: What do you mean eith broken?
    Feature 1: Already included in version 2.0 (upcoming)
    Feature 2: Already included in version 2.0 (upcoming)

    Stay Tuned 🙂

    Ross Wintle


    Cool – looking forward to v2.0 then.

    For the class bug, the widget appears as:

    <li id="wdg_specialrecentposts-3" class="widget-container Special Recent Posts">

    But Special Recent Posts is not a valid class name as it contains spaces.

    I THINK you’re defining this on line 30 of class-widgets.php:

    $widget_ops = array (
                'classname'   => __('Special Recent Posts', SRP_TRANSLATION_ID),
                'description' => __('The Special Recent Posts widget. Drag to configure.', SRP_TRANSLATION_ID)

    Probably simply a case of changing the class name.



    Plugin Author Luca Grandicelli


    Thanks Ross, i’ve missed that. It has been fixed in the upcoming v2.0

    hi lgrandicelli,

    you announcement is 5 months old, and in version 1.9.3 the class problem persists. can you please replace the class name “Special Recent Posts” by the standard widget class notation (cf. standard widgets): “widget_specialrecentposts” (eg.) in 1.9.4 or something like that?

    thanks, jana

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