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  • Hi Kreg,
    Email petition seems very good and fill a lack in WP plugins panorama, well done!
    To be more efficient, need a system to confirm signatures, so a double opt in for email address (optional) it’s required, IMO. The email will be sent only after address will be confirmed.
    Also, often a petition is sent to more than one address (think to different government departments or different offices/persons), so multi recipients (also optional) it’s a required feature too.
    What do you think about?
    Very good plugin, thanks for sharing it 😉

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  • Plugin Author Kreg Wallace


    Hi MacItaly,

    Thanks for your feedback! Those are some excellent suggestions.

    I had considered including an email confirmation system as well as allowing the petition email to be sent to multiple recipients, but I set these ideas aside while working toward an initial release. I’ll try to update the plugin with these features soon. Your post is an excellent reminder of what I need to work on next.

    I have just installed the plugin and it is superb. MacItaly made good suggestions

    I hope they will be added to soon

    Thanks !

    Ok, so if you liked, I have last suggestion 🙂
    Very often (I cooperated with some no profit association) recipients of these kind of emails, after received some dozen of email, deactivate the address to not to be annoyed.
    So, there is another system to do a useful petition: collect validated signatures and append them to one unique email that is sent at the end of campaign, to the addresses designated.
    This works mostly like a guestbook, with the difference of sending email.
    I don’t know if this sound reasonable for you, but this option would make Speak up! THE solution for petition in WP.
    My 2 euro cents

    Plugin Author Kreg Wallace


    Hey MacItaly.

    You can do this currently by selecting the “Do not send email (only collect signatures)” checkbox when creating a new petition. Checking this box will prevent a separate email from being sent out for each signature, but the signatures will still be collected in the database. So, when the petition is complete, you can just download the CSV file of the signatures for your petition and either copy them into an email or use the merge feature in Word, etc. to create a finished petition document that you can deliver however you like.

    I’ll consider adding a feature to automate some of that – a click to send a petition mail with all signatures listed kind of thing, but that’s a lower priority for me than some of the stuff you mentioned before.

    One issue I ran into when thinking about adding an email confirmation system is that allowing signers to customize the petition message conflicts with the email confirmation. On petitions that require confirmation there would be a time delay between when the petition is signed and when the petition email is sent out. To accommodate this I’d have to store the (potentially) custom petition messages in the database, which I really don’t want to do (a lot of redundant info there!).

    Allowing custom petition messages also conflicts with your new idea, as people who customize the message will consider that they have signed their custom message rather than the one you provided and may not want their names attached to the original message.

    I think I might just remove the “Allow signers to edit message” option when I roll out the email confirmation feature.

    Hi Kreg,
    to customize petitions could be a useful feature in some cases but I don’t believe are too many.
    In general, a petition is something that someone suggests and to which others join and this cover the mostly part of cases.
    Often, in petition software it’s possible to comment, may be discuss in some kind of forum, but only join to the original text.

    Or, may be say: “This is the base of text, you can modify it and send to these addresses” and this could be easily achieved opening a mailto in user’s client with address and text ready to modify.
    But this is a “dirty” system that we don’t like, right? 😉

    Clearly, the more features the better, but, as you said, life made up of priorities 🙂

    I think that could be possible to divide possibilities in two branch: one to only join, another one allow also customize.

    The first part could have option to deferred or immediate sending and, in case of deferred, should be useful to send automatically without need to download and manage CSV that it’s something that mostly part of user also don’t know that exists 🙂

    The second part, well, it’s already working.

    Validation email it’s something that all serious petition requires but in case of custom and immediate sending each user is responsible of himself (instead, when an association or individual collect signatures, also has some responsibility about how collected and who are signatories) so I think that could be omitted (user send a message from his address to recipients and not on behalf of site/association).
    In this case, need only to prevent spam with a sort of Captcha.
    What do you think about?

    Of course, step by step but this could be the way for a complete plugin, IMO.
    Thanks a lot for your work 😉

    This is a great plugin. I am testing it now and it seems to do everything I want. Is there a way to make the petition wider?

    Plugin Author Kreg Wallace



    You can make the plugin wider by creating your own theme. The easiest way to do this is to open the plugin’s Settings page and select “No theme. I will style the petition form myself.” for your Petition Theme option. Then create a petition.css file and place it in your active theme’s folder. The petition will now use the CSS styles in this file to display the form.

    You can copy the default CSS styles from /css/theme-standard.css and paste them into your custom petition.css to use as as starting point.

    The petition was designed to be narrow so that your page or post’s content can flow around it. See the demo page for an example. This placement is achieved by floating the form to the right using the ‘alignright’ CSS style that should be built into your theme, like this:

    <div class="alignright">
    [emailpetition id="1"]

    OK! I am almost there. I changed the .dk-speakup-petition-wrap to 500px from 370px. What I cannot see is where to change the widths of the first name, last name fields.

    I tried:
    .dk-speakup-half to 200px
    .dk-speakup-full to 490px but that does not do it.

    I am testing the basic form here:

    Plugin Author Kreg Wallace


    To change the widths of the first and last name input fields you would need to edit the with of .dk-speakup-half input. So, using:

    .dk-speakup-half input { width: 200px; }

    would probably work. .dk-speakup-half and .dk-speakup-full are wrappers that go around the input fields.

    Kreg, that worked like a charm, thank you!

    I’d like to be able to send an email to the person signing the petition after they’ve signed the petition. Is this possible?

    Plugin Author Kreg Wallace



    The feature you’re looking for isn’t something that’s built in, but you can do something similar. If you have Confirm Signatures turned on, then a confirmation email will be sent to the signer when they submit the petition – and you can customize the confirmation email on the Settings page.

    Alternately, just download the petition’s signatures as a CSV file and import it into a bulk mailer (like Campaign Monitor, MailChimp and the like) and send out a mail blast.

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