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  • Plugin Author lelkoun


    There is a bug, so an automatic adding IP addresses to the blacklist currently does not work. You must deactivate and then activate the plugin every time you want to update the blacklist.

    This will be fixed in the next version of the plugin.

    A pretty critical “bug”.

    I think I’ll stop using this crappy plugin and make my own.
    Checking just based on IP is retarded.

    I’m getting tired of the daily deactivate/reactivate process to make this plugin work. What’s your ETA for a fix?

    Plugin Author lelkoun


    Dirty Butter: Honestly, I am really busy lately. I’ll try to find some time to fix this (and a lot of other issues). The new version may be out in the following 2 or 3 months, but I cannot promise anything.

    Where the backup is going????

    I try to put the collected ip’s manualle into the blocker.
    Oke I have to deactive and then activate. One time a day is oke.

    Plugin Author lelkoun


    The latest version of the plugin can import IP addresses automatically via WP cron.

    When you create a backup it is saved to its to the folder where is are the plugin files located. There should appear a link to the backup every time you make one.

    @lelkoun; This is fast. This is what i like. If there is a problem or a question a very Quicl answer. I think I got the latest one. I going to re-check.

    I don’t see the backup file. But when I look in the top I see backup (in red( when I click on that I get a exel output. Is that the one you mean???? Is so I have to check where in the plugin DIR it is to find. But on the other hand I make a one by my one called sb_ip_log.csv and put in the IP’s I collect. It is not much one 1 day only 5 or 6. By 2 I getting the Bot. That one is blocked to. In one week I get only 20 to 25 spammers on this host. By 000webhost I getting over 5 to 600 in 4 day’s. So this IP-block is working good. and is doing what it had to do.
    Great Job.

    O by the way. i use it for a Newspaper.

    Plugin Author lelkoun


    The file should be located here: wp-content/plugins/spammer-blocker/

    You can retrieve the backup by clicking the “Make a backup” button. After that a message with a link pops up and you can either save the file directly or open it in your MS Excel.

    You can use it to import lots of IP addresses (you can avoid typing them manually in the form on the plugin’s settings page by using this file).

    Also remember that the plugin automatically bans all authors of comments marked as spam when it is activated; it is also able to do it up to twice a day automatically.

    I hope that this plugin will work well for you. If you have any questions/problems don’t hesitate to contact me.

    (PS: Sorry for my broken English in the previous post, I reedited it badly before sending and now I cannot change it.)

    Oke by the first back there wha no file by the second it whas theren.
    But I don/t see the popup. My popup blocker is on. (lol)
    I check 2 times a day and can see the spammers. so when I see a local good one I take that out the spamm list. No worry.
    Where you from? do you read and write Dutch???

    Till now the plugin working good and collect the Spammers nice and easy.
    No worry with the exel page. I have the txt file also and use that one for manual inserting.

    The site I use it for:
    I live on Curacao. ( old) Netherlands Antillians

    Plugin Author lelkoun


    By the message which “pops up” I meant the yellow message with the link that appears after clicking the button, there is pop-up window.

    Sorry I do not speak Dutch. I come from a small country in the heart of Europe. 🙂

    Oke. I am going to check. Let you know.

    OKE. That do the job. I work with Win 7 and have to save it to…..
    In my case to the upload file I have make.


    Plugin Author lelkoun


    Czech Republic.

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