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    Hi, I am new to this and I wanted to use Spam Free WordPress plugin. I have followed the installation steps which are easy to follow.I have comment_form() function in comments.php so I went until step 2 that is till activating the plugin. Now even though I read a lot of similar resolved topics, I could not solve mine and it wouldn’t show the password field and if I, after logging out, try to give a comment it would go “Error 1: Click back and type in the password.” Please help me if it is any help I have pasted the comments.php in pastebin here
    Please help me I am getting a lot of spam I need this asap.

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  • Plugin Author Todd Lahman


    It appears you are using Twenty Ten, but your comments.php file code looks different from the current version 1.3 of Twenty Ten, from which I posted the current comments.php code here:

    Upgrade your version of Twenty Ten to 1.3, and make sure you are using the latest version of WordPress. Once in a while WordPress 2.8 and 2.9 can have issues.

    The Twenty Ten theme works automatically with Spam Free WordPress without making any changes to the comments.php file.

    Thanks a lot Todd. It seemed to work when I changed it to the new comments.php and it displays the password box now. But, there is a problem. It tells how many comments there are but it would not show the comments. Can you guess what can be the problem?

    Hi Todd now it works when I changed wp_list_comments( array( ‘callback’ => ‘twentyten_comment’ ) ); to just wp_list_comments(); on comments.php. I don’t know why that does it but it does it. If you know the reason please let me know 🙂 Thanks a lot you are very helpful.

    Hi… I have the same problem as Rekik. No password box, and it has the same error message when I logged out to test-post a comment. I updated to WordPress 3.3.2. I downloaded the plugin. I enabled comments on the front page. Following the instructions on the download area for Spam-Free WordPress, I got into Edit Appearances, selected the ‘comment’ section, and saw all that code… but neither example of code on the plugin page (right or wrong) appears when I use F3 to search it…

    The comment box is there, but neither the password field, nor the paste password field appears. Not only that, but I can’t find the <form> and </form> tags within which I’m to paste <?php comment_form(); ?>

    I can only find one ‘form’ by itself, and that’s at the end of the editable code sequence.

    I’m only an amateur techie. I understand (I think) the concept of code, and some basic HTML, but I don’t really know much of the code practically speaking. What can I do to make this plugin work? I am desperately overrun with spam… Help!

    Plugin Author Todd Lahman


Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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