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  • Thanks Dan! We are planning a new release soon (after my semester ends in a few weeks). In the meantime, I need to update the “compatible up to” on the plug-in to 2.5, as I just tested it last week and it works fine with 2.5

    Perhaps I’m missing something, but I can’t get the courseware plug-in to work very well with WP 2.5.1. My understanding is that when I develop a schedule, assignments and bibliography those pages should be created by the plug-in, is that right? The bibliography works (although the title of the book/article shows up white and I can’t find the line in the CSS to change that), but neither a schedule page nor an assignment page gets created. I’ve tried deactivating and reactivating the plug-in, but keep having the same issues. Any tips? Thanks!

    Hi gossettphd,

    I just tested the plugin with WordPress 2.5.1, and it creates a bibliography page and a schedule page for me. The plugin doesn’t create an assignments page by design, but it wouldn’t be too difficult to add if you needed it.

    As far as the bibliography title being white, it sounds like a CSS issue as you mention with your theme. The title of bibliography entries uses class=”title” so you may have to add styles to your theme’s CSS file to change any thing inside the bibliography list to have a different color. A CSS line like this should work:

    .spbibliography .title {color:black;}

    I’ll try to see if I reproduce your error RE: not creating a schedule page and update the plugin as needed.

    Hope this helps!

    Hi, I posted to your other site also so please ignore the double posting. I tried loading the ScholarPress in the past and had troubles but just tried it again since your updates and I am able to create the schedules, assignments, etc. The problem is that the pages are not created for the Assignments, Bibliography, or Schedule.

    I added the pages (draft mode) then deactived/activated the plugin. I then added a new schedule and viewed the page (edit mode) and nothing appeared. If it helps, you could see my site using Microsoft SharedView (beta) (free)

    I have some faculty members who are really interested in this plugin and/or Google Sites and your plugin would be much nicer in many respects. Thanks for you patience and help!


    I haven’t been able to replicate this problem since gossettphd posted a few weeks ago, but rest assured I’m trying my best to find the problem and figure out a solution.

    In the meantime, you can create a blank page titled Schedule (or any title you want) and add the following in the HTML panel of the page editor:

    <div id="spschedule"><spschedule /></div>

    On install, the plugin should 1) create a page titled Schedule, and 2) Insert that code into the content of the page.

    For the Bibliography page, follow the same procedure, but add the following in the HTML panel:

    <div id="spbibliography"><spbibliography /></div>

    The plugin currently doesn’t create a page for Assignments, but as I told gossettphd, it wouldn’t be difficult to add. If its something a lot of users would like, I can add it to the list of features to add to a future release.

    If any faculty memebers end up using the plugin, I’d love to hear about it!

    Hi jeremy , i was just wondering how the development was going for the new version ?

    Thanks for the info! I will certainly let you know if the faculty use the plugin.

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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