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  • Hi:

    I have been using SoundCloud to insert tracks on a page for our youth fiddle group for months. Our Blog is hosted, not at WordPress.Org. We’re using WordPress 3.3.2.

    I last posted links back in the spring. Up to now I was using the iFrame code to access the player. That worked well. A few days ago, I went to add a few new tracks and discovered that the existing tracks (about 30) wouldn’t always appear. I would either display the page or refresh it, and various tracks would not show up, never twice the same tracks.

    I messed around and moved the only other plug-in on the page (an embedded Google Doc spreadsheet) away to another page.

    Eventually, by researching here and there, I changed to the plug-in (which had been previously installed but not used, V 2.0), removed all the tracks, and then added them back a few at a time until it blew up again.

    I found that it became flaky again fairly quickly. I bit the bullet and upgraded the plug-in to V 2.25 and retried. I also switched the plug-in setting from Flash to HTML5. These two changes seemed to work, so I went off and started adding my tracks back.

    Now, it’s blown up again. When I got to the last 6 tracks, flakes once again appeared. Is it possible that this plug-in gets more and more buggy the more often it appears on a single page? Is it possible that there is a finite amount of time available for a page to talk to the SoundCloud server and that it eventually times out? It taks about 30 seconds for all the client/server transactions to take place.

    Some settings: My tracks are Private, but Downloadable (so that the kids can d/l them for practice). I customized the colours because the group is colour-coded and it worked out well. The page is behind a password, so we only get traffic from our people.

    It’s such a great system (SoundCloud and the Plug-In player) that it’s a shame that there are bugs in the woodwork. I used to use that crazy table system (WP-Reloaded) with links to an FTP site, but it ground to a halt when confronted with over 100 audio-player buttons in a table so I really thought we had a viable solution with this.

    Any ideas welcome. I have a real life to get back to, but I hate to be stumped by stuff like this …

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    This might have been caused by to many oEmbed calls from the plugin. Try to install 2.3 and see if that fixes it.

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