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    I upgraded to v2.2 of Socialized This yesterday. Today I realized that a post I published this morning didn’t get pushed out to twitter. Investigating the Advanced Settings, I saw that my OAuth Consumer Key and Consumer Secret fields were now blank (and that there is now a field called @anywhere API Key, which I have no idea what to do with).

    Figuring I’d start from scratch, I revoked access to my old Socialize This app in Twitter. Back in the WP admin, I deleted the old twitter configuration in the plugin’s Settings. I then followed the steps of your OAuth tutorial video to redo it; however, the “create an app” section has changed a lot. I did my best and ended up with new OAuth consumer key and secret codes, etc. Beneath the field to put in your callback URL in the new dev.twitter interface, there’s now explanatory text that says

    Where should we return after successfully authenticating? For @anywhere applications, only the domain specified in the callback will be used. OAuth 1.0a applications should explicitly specify their oauth_callback URL on the request token step, regardless of the value given here. To restrict your application from using callbacks, leave this field blank.

    No idea what any of that means. I put in my blog’s home URL as the callback URL.

    I went back and finished putting in the OAuth keys and re-connecting my blog to twitter in the Socialize This settings. I customized the Twitter New Post update template to say

    Cheek and Bluster: %permalink%

    The test tweet went through OK, and the widgets showed up correctly in my blog. Unfortunately, when I clicked on the twitter icon to tweet my new post, the resulting pop-up window to send the tweet said

    Currently Reading

    The same thing happened when I clicked to Facebook icon.I’ve kept the plugin activated, but disabled all the social widgets since they’re not working right. Need help – what should I do now?


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  • Update: not sure if the following is to do with the other issue you addressed by pushing out 2.2.1, or with this issue, but anyway…

    Just now I successfully updated my post from this morning to fix a typo, and it seemed to work. Then I checked my twitter feed, and it had tweeted the update (makes sense I guess, since it hadn’t tweeted the original posting), but the tweet text was messed up. I took a screenshot so that I could delete the tweet right away thereafter.

    Plugin Author Mike Rogers


    I’ll look into the issue where Socialize This does not update twitter status’ after updates – I think it’s settings are being reset on update.

    To change what is said when a user clicks the social icon on your blog, you need to edit the social widget template, not the “Twitter’s New Post Status Update Template” settings. It’s a little confusing and it’s on my todo to make it clearer 🙂

    Plugin Author Mike Rogers


    Also, change the %permalink% to %permalink_raw%

    Right, I have done, but it doesn’t work right. The social widget template setting I have is
    <a href=" %raw_permalink%" target="_blank"><img src="%widgets_url%/derek_wood/twitter-crumpledpaper_32.png" width="32px" height="32px" alt="Twitter" title="Tweet this" /></a>
    That produces a “Post a Tweet on Twitter” window with this in the update field:

    Cheek and Bluster

    So it’s outputting the blog title and a version of the blog home url, instead of the post title and the permalink.

    For the facebook widget, the settings I have are
    <a href="" target="_blank"><img src="%widgets_url%/derek_wood/facebook-crumpledpaper_32.png" width="32px" height="32px" alt="Facebook" title="Share on Facebook" /></a>

    which produces a Facebook share window with as both the title of the post and the description.

    Plugin Author Mike Rogers


    Just made an update and pushed it as 2.2.2 – I think it should fix the issue your having 🙂

    Can you update and report back for me?

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