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    Glad to find the plugin. I found a bug using the plugin on Multisite installation and also have few questions-

    1) Logging on sub-site in a multisite installation gives the following error
    “Warning: require_once(Hybrid/Endpoint.php) [function.require-once]: failed to open stream: No such file or directory in …\wp-content\plugins\socialauth-wp\hybridauth\index.php on line 13”

    2) login with Twitter , Foursquare and some others have a problem with ‘callback’ url option. The multisite installations doesn’t fully support the plugins like Thenbrent’s Social-Connect or wordpress-social-login.

    There will not be a problem with FaceBook and Tumblr logins which doesn’t ask Callback URL. But the network logins which need Callback URL trouble us on Multisite installations.

    During the creation of application we enter the Main site’s domain. But when a user tries to login on sub-site it stucks. As the sub-site gets created automatically on multisite , we cannot add dozens of sub-site domains in the application ‘s callback option. Can you tell me if there is a solution to it which I can modify the code?

    3) How about adding support to PayPal? I heard that hybrid-auth supported paypal for a while . Later it was removed I think

    4) Do you have a documentation which guide us to add additional providers than the current 10 networks?

    Thank you

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  • Hi,

    We are currently working on adding multisite capabilities and this is planned for upcoming release.

    Callback URL(s) are of more concern with Foursquare and Google only, Other providers are not dependable on callback/redirect URL.

    We have to check for PayPal support with HybridAuth. If this is still supported with HybridAuth this plugin will be able to support that.

    We will soon add documentation for additional provider support.

    Thanks for your valuable feedback !!!

    Thanks for your quick response and concern

    The problem mentioned in point ‘1’ is plugin specific I think and not related to multisite setup.

    The problem you mentioned in point ‘1’ has been rectified and fixed.

    Hello !

    Forgot to say thanks for fixing the issue mentioned in point ‘1’. Hope you update the plugin with features as I requested in 2 and 3

    Yes, sure, development work is going on and we will cover #2 and #3 from your comments soon. We have released a new version today with some new features, you can update to that till than.

    Updated to it yesterday


    Hi vbk100,

    We have released a new version in recent past, you might want to have a look.

    We are targeting ‘multi-site feature’ for next version and hope you will get this in next release.

    Feel free to reaches us, if you face any other issues with this plugin. Keep enjoying !!!

    Thanks !

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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