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  • Hello, I previously posted a forum post here but I cannot seem to get a response, so I figured I would try again.

    My Website:
    My issue: I am currently running WordPress 3.2.1 and am using the WooThemes framework with the Canvas theme. I would like to add the Social plugin to my site, but whenever I add the plugin, all of a sudden the backend of my website “breaks.” I cannot update any settings unless it is something that actually refreshes the page when I change the setting. I suppose this might be related to an AJAX or JQuery issue? Can anyone please shed some light on how I could possibly remedy this?

    Thank you,

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  • I’m having the same issue. Not with Canvas, but with another WooTheme. Once Social is installed and activated I can no longer update theme settings.

    Social has not been tested for compatibility with any commercial themes, however we’d be happy to review patches submitted by commercial theme authors.

    I’ve posted a link to this thread for the WooThemes guys.

    @wkeving, could you provide the link so we can support your request?



    I can, but you won’t be able to access their support forum without being a member.

    Interesting, it says “Only the topic author can reply to this post” so I guess we can’t add our support there, we’d have to open new topics. Let us know if you think that will help you influence the Woo folks to release a patch (assuming the problem is on their end)

    So, out of curiosity, how is it that I can use WooThemes with lots of other plugins without issue, but load up Social and have it cause problems, and it be Woo’s place to release a patch? Not that I mind who gets it fixed, I’m just curious as to the thought process here.

    WooThemes’ support forum is to support their own products that they have released, they are not there to provide support to developers of other software, nor should they be required to. They have a “WooJobs” section or something like that, where people can pay programs to get 3rd party plugins to play nice with their theme.

    It’s unfortunate because I don’t know enough about programming to fix this situation. I know(maybe) that it’s a Javascript conflict of some sort. I tried disabling the admin js file following the Social FAQ they provide, but it didn’t do anything. The settings still acted like they saved, but then once I refreshed the page, they were gone. And since Social is a free plugin, they’re not going to go out of their way to fix a problem because of a premium theme’s code.

    And this is how I define: Frustration.

    I have same issue in my site

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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